I don’t like rap metal. Okay, maybe deep deep down I do, but I would never admit it. It’s just not my scene. All I can think of is Limp Bizkit and, come on, that’s not even music!

Last night was a night full of rap metal music. Whether the bands want to admit it or not, that’s what they play and I hate it. That being said, last night was everything you could ever ask for from a live show.

Blue Felix’s live shows are legendary in the Twin Cities. Everyone talks about them and I’ve heard nothing but amazing things. I have a friend that was talking up Nuisance’s live show and I knew that The Rock & Roll Whores always put on an awesome live show.

So no, I did not like the music last night. I actually hated it and found myself rolling my eyes a lot but the live show that all of the bands put on last night made it more than worth my time and, by the end of the night, I found myself somewhat enjoying the music.

Nuisance is the band that stole the show last night. From the second they started I was more than impressed. They came out on stage and as soon as the first drum hit came, there was smoke shooting out of the stage. Call this gimmicky if you want, but it caught my attention and it was only uphill from there.

Nuisance was in your face and full of energy. They are a local rap metal (although there are certain times where they sound like straight up metal) that only plays once in awhile. That being said, when they do play, it’s go big or go home. They proved that last night. The music was clean and on point. You could hear every drum hit, every scratch from the DJ. Everything. Now, I don’t know much about rap metal but it doesn’t seem easy. There’s so much going on from the vocals to the driving beats coming out of the drum set to the “wicky wicky’s” coming from the turntable. There’s so much going on and it is so easy for elements to get lost in the commotion. Nuisance did it right and instead of sounding muddy, it was cleaner than many of the metal bands I see.

The Rock & Roll Whores were one of the many opening bands to play last night. I love these guys. I have met the band members before and they are nothing short of some of the nicest guys ever. Unfortunately, last night was their “last show ever” although, they said that about their show in September. But still, it was a somber moment for the local scene. The music these guys play is completely different than the other local bands up here and that’s why it’s such a shame that they are throwing in the towel.

Their music isn’t rap metal but more so “glam punk”. Their singer, Johnny Hardcore, has a way of getting your attention and making it impossible to turn away. Granted, some of his antics may seem extreme (i.e. slashing himself with broken bottles on stage or, the last time I saw them, rolling around on a bunch of push pins) he knows just how to get the crowd going if even they are on a bill with a bunch of bands that in no way mesh with their sound. Last night was no different, although Johnny didn’t have any huge stunts during the set, the crowd still couldn’t turn away. He commands you from the stage. When he says jump, you jump. Even if you don’t like what’s coming out the speakers, you do what he says. Night after night I watch bands struggle to get the crowd going, if only each of those bands could see how Johnny does it.

Last night was mostly about Blue Felix. These guys are legends in the scene. Even if you don’t listen to metal, you know damn well who this band is. They are one of those bands where either you love them or hate them. When I told some friends what show I was going to, some of them were absolutely disgusted. Like I said, you either love them or hate them and after last night, I love them. Like the other bands, I don’t like their music. I find it boring and repetitive. Every song starts to sound the same in my head. That being said, like the other bands that played, their live show was their saving grace and the reason I am counting down the days until I can see them again.

Blue Felix’s live shows are legendary. I’ve heard so many stories about how crazy these guys can get. The “famous” story is when their singer, Toxsick Tripp, was hanging from the rafters at a venue and he fell breaking both legs in the process (again, that’s the story I’ve heard so I apologize if that is not exactly what happened). That right there is what I want in a show. I don’t mean the whole broken leg thing, I more mean just the energy that bands that do crazy stuff like that give off to the crowd.

The band seemed a bit subdued last night but that may have been due to a new drummer and just not playing in a while. Regardless, there was still plenty of energy to go around the venue. As I’ve said multiple times, I didn’t like their music (sorry guys!) but, the fact that they made me feel as excited as if I was watching one of my favorite bands of all time on that stage was more than enough to make me fall in love with them.

Last night wasn’t for me musically. I’m pretty sure my ears were bleeding at one point and I definitely cracked a couple jokes with my friends asking them if that was POD on stage. That being said, I wish every show I went to had the same amount of energy as last night.

Go to a show where you hate the music. That sounds like a terrible idea but if you don’t go, you’ll never know what you’re missing out on.

Line Up:

Tattooed Millionaires


The Rock & Roll Whores

Agony of Defeat


Blue Felix

Venue- Cabooze

Sausage Fest Meter-  32 out of 10

Broken Bones/ Injuries- I didn’t see any but I’m sure some people were hurting this morning

Average Age- 27

Percentage of the Crowd That Was Far Too Drunk- 80%

Found in the Pit- Cups, Cigarette Butts (although no smoking is allowed in the venue?), Sweat, Beer. Unfortunately, I don’t think the lost wedding ring was ever found.

Crowd Surfers- 1

Stage Divers- 2

“Celebrity” Sightings in the Crowd- L.A Nik (local celebrity), Jerrid of Royal’z


Overall Score- 6 out of 10

Show on Deck- Metro Station/ Never Shout Never at The Varsity