Last night was a night to remember. Too bad I don’t remember much.

What do you do when a show you wanted to go to sells out in literally under four seconds and you weren’t one of the lucky ones to get through the online waiting room for the tickets? Well, you look at the tour dates and find the next closest date and then impulsively buy a ticket to said show without any proper planning.

That is how my friend Angel and I ended up in Eau Claire, Wisconsin last night. We hooked up with some friends I have in Eau Claire and ended up having the time of our lives (at least until the copious amounts of alcohol hit our system).

Prof is a Minneapolis rapper who has been rapping for years now but recently really took off. I’ve seen him a couple of times now and each time he completely kills it with the amount of energy he gives off. I thought this crazy amount of energy was more of a “hometown” thing because the crows here in the Twin Cities absolutely love Prof. I was a bit worried that going to see him in Wisconsin would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Was he going to be as exciting outside of his home base? Would people even show up to the show? Did anyone care? Does Wisconsin even have music?!

Wisconsin definitely came out and they definitely cared. Even this show had sold out and people were pumped to see some of the best hip hop that the Twin Cities has to offer.

The House of Rock is a tiny tiny venue on the “main street” of Eau Claire. It’s a complete dive bar with sticky floors and holes in the wall. I had been here before for a metal show some friends were playing. There were only about ten people in the crowd that time. Last night, the venue was at capacity and the whole feeling of the venue had changed. People were polite as they tried to get through the small passage way into the stage area of the venue. It was freezing outside, like negative 10 freezing, and people were struggling to get winter coats off due to lack of personal space. I noticed multiple people holding the drinks of strangers just so people could take coats off. These strangers didn’t try and put anything in the drink. They didn’t try to steal the drink. They were just trying to be helpful. After seeing this, I instantly felt at home. I was no longer afraid to leave my drink on the bar for a hot minute while I shoved my wallet back in my purse. I felt safe even though I was not at one of my usual venues.

The music last night was great. It was upbeat and everybody was dancing and jumping. My friend Ali, the local that we enlisted at the last minute for help on this adventure, will never let me forget last night because I actually danced. Yes, I danced my butt off. How could you not? The music is fun and makes you want to move. Everyone around me had a giant smile on their face, a drink in their hand, and their arms in the air.

Prof played every song I wanted him to. He had a giant grin across his face the whole time and I never once just saw him standing there rapping. He was constantly moving across the stage and jumping up and down. Watching him was just as much fun as watching the crowd and listening to the music. His lyrics tend to be funny and raunchy at times but also relatable. He sings about “popping PBR”, hanging out with friends, and just having a damn good time. I tried to sing a long as best as I could but eventually I was just slurring my words so I sipped on my PBR and the flask that Ali’s brother had brought in and just took it all in.

The show was opened up by a couple local Eau Claire hip-hop artists along with Mike Mictlan from Doomtree. Mike was great, as he always is, but didn’t seem to catch the crowd as much as Prof did. His style is a bit more raw sounding than Prof’s happy go lucky soundtrack. Mac Irv was another opening act for the show but, unfortunately, I missed it due to some terrible drink Ali and her brother made me try at a bar next door. It took me forever to drink it and by the time we made it to the show, the music had already started. I am a bit bummed that I missed it but Mac is from Minneapolis so I’m sure I’ll get another chance.

Last night was one of those nights I live for. I had no idea what I was doing. I was an hour and a half away from home with a handful of friends and a concert to go to. I don’t think there was a single point last night where I wasn’t smiling. From the pre-game to the show to the after party it was great. The music was on point and Prof proved just how much of a beast he is on stage.

A huge thank you to Ali and her brother for taking Angel and I out on the town and for their willingness to go to this random concert. A huge shout out to Angel for being the type of person to go with me on all of my dumb, not thought through at all, plans.

Last night was a night for the record books. It was probably the most fun I’ve had at a show in awhile. Now if only I could remember it…

Line Up:

Mac Irv

Mike Mictlan


Venue- House Of Rock

Sausage Fest Meter- 5 out of 10

Crowd Surfers- None

Broken Bones- None

Average Age of Crowd- 20 Somethings

Moshing Level- None- (It was more of a jumping show)

Found In The Pit- Bottles, Cups, Liquids, Ice

Drink Of Choice For The Crowd- PBR (Prof even sings about PBR in a song of his.)


Overall Score- 9 out of 10

Show on Deck- In Defence (Ben Crew’s last show)