Summer Slaughter? More like Summer Sauna… am I right?!

Okay, I stole that phrase from a band who stole it from a kid in the crowd but no truer words were spoken last night.

It was hot. Beyond hot. It was uncomfortable… Miserable. The second you walked into The Cabooze you were greeted with a blast of hot air and the stench of people who apparently have no idea what deodorant is. Within just a few minutes of standing near the bar I was literally dripping in sweat. I went outside to try and air out but it didn’t help. The patio was just as packed as inside because there was a “stage” (I use this term loosely because the “stage” and the concrete in the corner of the patio were on in the same) where multiple local bands were performing. Once I figured out that there was truly nowhere to escape the heat other than the overcrowded bathroom, I gave up on trying to escape and gave in to the sweat dripping down my neck and back.

The show was fine, good, great… whatever. Honestly, I wasn’t mentally there. I was too miserable from the godforsaken heat and I couldn’t help but wonder how the Louis C.K. show was going at the Target Center. I really wanted to go to that show but I realized that I’m the “Girl at the Rock Shows” not the “Girl at the Comedy Shows” so I stuck with what I knew and bought a ticket for the show. I think I regret it.

The music was fine but today’s my birthday and as my birthday present to myself, I refuse to listen to another blastbeat. I felt like each band last night was just trying to blastbeat faster than the last one. The vocalists were trying to out growl the band before them and the guitarists were trying to out tap the previous ones. Sure, I get that that’s what this music is about. I mean, I was at a primarily death metal show that was full of legends from the scene but I think I needed a bit more variety to keep my interest and to keep me from thinking about the sweat rolling down my face.

Carnifex was really the only band that got me excited to be at the show. Their set was heavy and intense. They know exactly how to get a crowd going and within the first song of their set, the crowd had erupted into a huge (or as huge as you can get in the weird set-up that is the Cabooze) pit going. Their music was loud and fast and clean. I have seen these guys a couple of times now and I guess what happened was more the predictable. I knew they were going to kill it. I knew the crowd was going to go nuts. No surprise but no disappointment either.

The disappointment didn’t happen until After the Burial came on stage.

After the Burial is easily one of the most successful metal bands to come out of Minnesota. They are also in my top five local (yes, they are from here so I’m claiming them as local even though they tour around the freaking planet) bands to see live. I love these boys and they have been through hell and back. Last year at this time they were laying their guitarist Justin to rest after his untimely and devastating death. I have seen them without Justin and they were able to keep it together and pull of an amazing show. A couple of months later they announced that their bassist Lee was going to be leaving the band. I saw them play without Lee and, as weird as it felt, it worked. They hadn’t lost that spark and it was obvious that they weren’t giving up even with all of the crap they had been thrown.

I think something changed because there was no spark last night. It was almost as if Anthony, the singer, had completely forgotten that last night was a hometown show. He even introduced the band as being from Minneapolis, Minnesota… well no shit, we know who you are and we know damn well where you’re from. It was just strange… bizarre… heartbreaking. They seemed defeated. Their live show just wasn’t what it has been in the past and honestly, I’m not a big enough fan of their music to really give them a pass. I loved these guys because they were proud to be from Minneapolis and their live show was intense. Last night it was like they had no clue that they were back home and their live show definitely left something to desire. It was either an off night or a sign of the beginning of the end. Regardless, it broke my heart.

The rest of the bands that played yesterday were fine, great… whatever. I was too hot and sweaty to really care and too focused on getting out of the heat and into the air conditioning of my car. Like many of these metal festivals, there were a few too many bands playing the same music and it all blended together.

I left the show wondering if I would have been better off going to that Louis C.K. show but I knew I wouldn’t have been. As miserable as I was throughout majority of the show last night, I was surrounded by my friends who have turned into family over the years and that was a great way to ring in my birthday.

Line Up:

Cannibal Corpse
After The Burial
Slaughter To Prevail
Enterprise Earth
Glutton for Punishment
King of Tyrus


Venue: The Cabooze

Sausage Fest Meter- 84 out of 10

Average Age of the Crowd- 19

Crowd Surfers- 7

Stage Divers-7

Moshability- High

Broken Bones- None Noticed

Drunkards Taken Out By Security- None Noticed

Celebrity Sightings- Eric & DJ of Buried Above Ground; Multiple members of Reaping Asmodeia

Overall Score- 4 out of 10

Show on Deck- Slipknot/ Marilyn Manson