Don’t worry guys- I’m still alive after the life-changing show that was Rancid last Tuesday. Sorry for going a bit AWOL. I had an insane week of recovery after that show and then had a little road trip over the weekend that I am still struggling to recover from. That being said, my list of albums to review didn’t stop growing during my little hiatus so let’s jump right in and check out some new music starting with Kate and the Hurricane’s new EP, ‘The Sorry EP’.

This five-song EP starts with “A Greeting (You Made Me Feel)”. Much like the title would suggest, this quick one-minute and twelve-second opening track greets you into the world that is Kat and the Hurricanes. Beautiful with a sense of whimsy and wonder, this opener stays cool, calm, and collected but there’s no saying if that will be the overall theme of this EP or not. As soon as the EP shifts into “Sorry That I’m Like This”, it’s clear that will not be an overall theme. A blast of power and sound took over my house as this track kicked in and whisked me into this band’s world. Dancey and upbeat as far as the instrumentation goes, I loved the way the vocals have a sense of tenderness to balance the blaring synth sound and pounding drums. Right off the bat, I am so in love with this band just due to the quick shift in sound and vibe from the greeting of the opening track into “Sorry That I’m Like This”.

The explosive nature of the second track is quickly replaced by something a bit more subdued as “Out of My Mind” starts playing. There’s no lack of energy in this track though and the vocals and lyrics continue to reign supreme throughout this sensitive track. I’ll be honest, I wasn’t in the mood for such a touching track as I’ve been a bit of an emotional wreck due to lack of sleep and some other things but I found a sense of comfort in this song that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I will absolutely come back to this track on a snowy night this winter to help bring me warmth and comfort.

The only song I had heard from this band prior to listening to this EP was “Resonate” and that happens to be the next track on this EP. It feels much more like “Sorry That I’m Like This” with the heavy synth sound and infectious beat but there’s also a sense of tenderness that I got in “Out of My Mind”. I love this balance and, like the shift between the opening track and the second song on this EP, I was struck by the stark difference in mood. Even with this super dramatic shift, all of these songs are clearly that of Kat and the Hurricane which is just the icing on the cake when it comes to this quick EP. “Resonate” is absolutely a favorite of mine because of that perfect balance the band seems to find in this track. I also really like the almost pop-punk nods felt in some of the phrases and words throughout this track.

“Dream Come True” is the final track on this EP and, I have to be honest, it wasn’t quite what I was expecting but it was just how I wanted this release to end. This final track truly takes elements heard throughout the rest of the EP and wraps them up in a perfect bow. There’s a sense of whimsy in some of the instrumental intricacies in this track that instantly reminded me of “A Greeting (You Made Me Feel)” and then some word choice that instantly took me back to “Resonate”. Cool, calm, and collected, although I could listen to this band all day, “Dream Come True” really ends this album perfectly and ties up all of the loose ends of this album while leaving you with an explosion of sound and emotion.

My Favorite Track(s): “Resonate”

For Fans Of: Emotional Power; Infectious Beats; Whimsy

Mosh-ability: 6 out of 10

What My Cats Thought Of It: Artie slept on the floor of the living room; Autumn slept upstairs

How Badly I Want To See This Performed Live: 7 out of 10

My Overall Rating: 7.2 out of 10

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