Girl at the Rock Shows

The Quirk – “Bisque”

I typically try to take weekends off just to have some time where I'm not chained at my computer but I've been far too busy to actually take a full day off lately so, here I am, on a Saturday,... Continue Reading →

I Will Buy You A New Life

I used to judge bands that would play casinos. Something about playing the casino circuit just screamed has-beens to me but, in recent years, more and more bands that I legit what to see perform have been playing them and... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t You

The question of "Who run the world?" was answered loud and clear at The Turf Club on Thursday night. Girls. We run this mutha... okay, that's as deep as my Beyonce references go but, really, Thursday night was a clear... Continue Reading →

An Interview With John From Ivy League

The emotion that comes from Ivy League's new song "We Are Infinite" is staggering. The movement throughout the track is surprising and powerful. The overall sound of this song-- absolutely beautiful. What I'm trying to say is that I was... Continue Reading →

Bingo Boys – “Donuts”

Two things I love but don't get enough of: Bingo and donuts. Thankfully, Bingo Boys' single "Donuts" gives me both of those things and then some. Totally kidding but I mean, doesn't the combination of the band name and song... Continue Reading →

Collective Fear – “Today”

It's not enough 10 AM here and I am already overwhelmed with the day and ready to just shut down but I can't do that. I'm feeling both manic and depressed at the same time and I need a song... Continue Reading →

Bleep Bloop

The only theme on Wednesday night was that there was no theme and I loved it. I didn't quite know what I was going to get from the night but I was excited to check out three local bands that... Continue Reading →

SICK MINDS – “Nothing To Lose”

It has been an insane day. That's not a bad thing but means that I haven't had much time to dig into some of the amazing singles piling up on my desk. Although taking a break right now from my... Continue Reading →

Old Friends – “Statelines”

I will not apologize for constantly going down a pop-punk rabbithole. It's just what I love and what seems to speak to me more than anything else. Case in point-- Old Friends' track "Statelines". I mean, right off the bat,... Continue Reading →

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