Girl at the Rock Shows

What Would Your Mama Say?

What do you do when it's a friend of a friend of a friend's birthday and the boyfriend of said friend of a friend of a friend is busy (you still with me here)? Well clearly you invite the friend... Continue Reading →



My bucket list is vanishing quicker than I would have ever imagined and it has honestly left me floored. Last night was one of those shows that, while watching one of the few bands left on said bucket list, I... Continue Reading →

I Woke Up With My Attitude

I was completely out of my element when I got in line for the show last night and honestly, I was beyond annoyed. The young crowd was turnt (at least that's what I think the kids are saying these days)... Continue Reading →

Whispers Hello, I Miss You Quite Terribly

This weekend was probably the most nostalgic weekend I've had in years. It started with reliving my boy band era with 98 Degrees on Friday night and ended with reliving my confused "I want to be emo but I'm too... Continue Reading →

You Are My Everything

The year was 2001. I was the ripe age of 12 and although I was slowly getting into the world of metal and pop-punk, I was still in love with the boy band hysteria that had taken over the world.... Continue Reading →

Let Loose Like Your Life Depends On It

What's in a name? Well let me tell you-- absolutely everything. I could have spent last night at home catching up on work and sleep like the adult I should be trying to be but, instead, I found myself at... Continue Reading →

Let’s Waste Time Chasing Cars

It was an ugly day in the Twin Cities. From the non-stop rain to the March like temperatures, everyone just seemed to be a bit crabby and on edge. Can you blame all of us? We've been stuck in winter... Continue Reading →

We Are So Happy Forever!!

The first time I saw Peelander-Z I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt for days after. The second time I saw them I damn near pissed myself due to laughing so much. Each time they come to town I... Continue Reading →

I Got A Brand New Attitude And I’m Gonna Wear It Tonight

Female empowerment was the name of the game in downtown Saint Paul last night. With Lizzo performing at a sold Palace Theatre and then P!nk just a couple of blocks away at The Xcel Energy Center, I had a very... Continue Reading →

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