Girl at the Rock Shows

Play Dead- ‘Skint’

I fell in love when I heard "Hide" by Play Dead a couple of weeks ago. There was just something about the track that had me hooked and I honestly couldn't get it out of my head. Lucky for me,... Continue Reading →

Modern Age Relics- ‘Modern Age Relics’

It feels like summer oustide which, for Minneapolis in March, is seriously amazing. So here I am, sitting on my patio, soaking in the rays while I like at the garden which I should probably work on cleaning out. Sure,... Continue Reading →

Jaguar Jaguar- ‘Pink Lies’

Yet another Minneapolis-based band that I have never heard of, Jaguar Jaguar recently reached out about me possibly reviewing their new EP. I rarely turn new music down but always get super excited to check out music from the Twin... Continue Reading →

Self-Help- ‘If I Left the Country…’

Things have been weird in my life lately. Call it a mid-life crisis, call it whatever you want, I have really been slacking on pretty much everything but that ends today (and comes with a drastic haircut later on today).... Continue Reading →

F.O.D.- ‘Sleepville II’

I had connected with the people behind the amazing Bearded Punk Records in Belgium awhile back. It was on a whim and I honestly didn't think I'd get a response but, not only did I get a response, I got... Continue Reading →

Chris Portka- ‘Hey buddy, can you spare $74k/ year?’

I took a couple of days off from reviewing and I have to admit, it felt weird. But I'm back now and am so far behind on my list at this point that it's not funny so let's waste no... Continue Reading →

Tuff Sudz- ‘Soap Eater’

There was an infectious retro vibe about the one song I heard from Tuff Sudz a couple of days ago and it has stuck with me so why not check out their brand new four-song EP?! "Bag The Money" was... Continue Reading →

Mylo Bybee- ‘EP’

I won't lie, I'm fading fast over here. It has been a Monday like no other Monday and I'm ready for bed but I also think I have one more review in me and I have been intrigued by Mylo... Continue Reading →

7-11 Jesus- ‘Tree Dream’

What happens when the pandemic cancels your studio time? You borrow some gear, set it up in your garage, record some tracks on your own, and hope for the best. At least that's what 7-11 Jesus did and I can't... Continue Reading →

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