Girl at the Rock Shows

Ben Noble- ‘Where The Light Comes In’

It was over a year ago that I caught Ben Noble at The Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis (you can read my ramblings on that show HERE!) and I remember the sense of calm he was able to bring over... Continue Reading →

Gambler’s Daughter- ‘Serotinous Skin’

Welp, I've perfected making homemade tofu curry.  The homemade cherry pie could use some work but the Funfetti cupcakes I've been making on an almost weekly basis help me cope with the disappointment that has been my cherry pies.  What... Continue Reading →

JØUR- ‘Chiaroscuro’

The days are getting longer and I'm getting more restless.  Weekdays are easier due to working for an "essential company" which aids in me keeping with some sort of schedule with getting up and going to work but the weekends... Continue Reading →

Radiochurch- ‘The Love EP’

Something about the cover of Radiochurch's 'The Love EP' caught me this morning. I was thumbing through my stack of albums to review and honestly was about to give up on finding something I was in the mood for. Although... Continue Reading →

Chris Castino- ‘Brazil’

Things are a little insane right now to say the least. Even though I'm still going into work every day (which I am so grateful for being that majority of my friends are out of the job-- my heart breaks... Continue Reading →

You Should Do Less Cause You’re Doing The Most

I'm not sure how late I was to the show as I honestly didn't even know it was happening but due to a slow down at work, I was able to catch a rare afternoon appearance from the one and... Continue Reading →

Drink From The River And Find Your Way To Me

I feel like yesterday wasn't a good day for anyone. It was cancellation after cancellation for everything from school to sports to concerts. I honestly couldn't take scrolling through my social media feeds due to how many concerts and tours... Continue Reading →

I Am The Queen Of The Graceless Kids

I am notorious for dragging friends in random shows. I try my best to find shows that I think said friends might enjoy but sometimes I just don't want to go to a show alone or just want to spend... Continue Reading →

Lucky Chops

It may only be the beginning of March but I think that I just witnessed a top ten show of the year on Saturday night. There's a huge difference between a good show and a show that makes you feel... Continue Reading →

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