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Comfortably Dumb, Endearing To Some

I am a creature of habit. I like "my spots", "my bartenders", and "my bathroom" at "my venues". It may shock you to find out (although it won't be a shock if you actually know me) that I am a... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Want War With Me

I woke up on Monday and went straight to the beach. I had been in Miami over the weekend for a good friend's bachelor party and was taking it all in one last time before hopping on a plane and... Continue Reading →

My Little Shot In The Dark

Tuesday was a weird day for me and I was honestly still shaken as I made my way downtown for the show at The 7th Street Entry. I won't get into the details because I'm trying not to linger on... Continue Reading →


I'm not typically one to fall for the latest fad or even the latest hot song but the first time I head GAYLE's "ABCDEFU" track, I knew there was something about her. From the hilarious yet all-too-real lyrics to the... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Care About Nothin’ But You

Tuesday was a pretty cold and dreary day here in Minneapolis but things warmed up quick as I walked into The Fillmore Tuesday night. There was an undeniable sense of excitement in the air and although the show was starting... Continue Reading →

Don’t You Know You’re Queen

The only reason I ended up at the Fine Line on Wednesday was because of the pictures I was seeing from Perfume Genius' tour. Okay, that and a night spent at a show is better than a night spent at... Continue Reading →

Couldn’t Really Love You Any More

If you haven't been able to tell, I'm on a bit of a concert bender. It feels so good to be back in it but going from one show a week to being out nearly every night has taken its... Continue Reading →

We’re In A Weird Time Of Life

From stealing my heart when I saw him for the first time in October 2018 to snagging a spot in my top five shows of the year when I saw him in October of 2019, Yungblud is one of those... Continue Reading →

Cosmic Powers

I feel like shows went from zero to sixty in the blink of an eye. That's not at all a complaint and I was beyond excited as my boyfriend and I made our way to downtown Minneapolis on Monday night.... Continue Reading →

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