I can’t stop. The itch is just too great. People have tried to get me to stop, but I just can’t. It’s my drug of choice and there’s no stopping me. Heroin? No. Meth? No. Alcohol? No. No, it’s a much more expensive habit… live concerts.

I go to a concert almost every night of my life. I have met some of the coolest people and had some of the best experiences because of it.

My goal for this blog is to write about the experiences that keep me itching for the high of a live concert. I don’t want to just write about the music, I want to write about the crowd, the mosh pits (or lack there of), the fashion… I want to write about everything that the mainstream music bloggers will not write about. I plan on writing after every show I go to no matter how dumb or small or huge. Every live concert has a new and different experience.

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The Girl at the Rock Shows