Girl at the Rock Shows

Let’s Wear A Fanny Pack!

I tried to drink off this terrible sore throat on Friday when I was at the Thrice/ Circa Survive show with all of my friends. What?! That's not the craziest idea I've had! Alcohol kills infection! I though that, with... Continue Reading →


And This Time I’ll Get It Right

Last night was more than just a concert. It was a night spent with friends that I don't get to see at much as I'd like. A night full of laughs, drinks, food, and music. It was like the good... Continue Reading →

Like A King Without His Crown

After a giant arena show complete with music I never listen to, I was more than ready to get back to my roots and see an artist I grew up listening to at a club I call home. After walking... Continue Reading →

Jingleball 2017

It's no surprise that I have a very ecclectic taste in music. That being said, it should be no surprise that I found myself at KDWB's Jingleball last night. Jingleball is a concert of the who's who in the pop... Continue Reading →

I Went To See Yelawolf and All I Got Was One Song

It's not that I was excited for last night's show-- more that I was intrigued. I had seen Yelawolf perform at a couple of festivals before and was interested to see what a headlining show from him would be like.... Continue Reading →

So What’s The Use In Being Normal?

I live in a hub for live music and there's always a million shows to see on any given night. Sometimes I can pick and chose a single show and be happy with my decision but I have become notorious... Continue Reading →

This World Is Ours And We Will Not Stand Still

There have been so many great shows lately but last night was the first time in awhile where I got to spend one of those amazing shows with my family. Although I started in the metal scene here, I seem... Continue Reading →

It’s Like I’m Moving At Light Speed

Thanksgiving was hectic. It was amazing-- just hectic. It was great to spend time with family but I was more than ready to just relax when it was all said and done. Now, for most people, relaxing would mean spending... Continue Reading →

Triple Rock Social Club: A Love Story

I was 18 and freshly moved out of my dad's house. I moved up to The Twin Cities for school and swore I would never look back. I tried to act like everything was fine but, the truth is, those... Continue Reading →

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