Girl at the Rock Shows

Walking Corpse Syndrome – “OBLITERATED BY DESIGN”

I love a bi-polar playlist so it seems only fitting that after sharing a pop-punk-perfect track with you, I should share something much more intense and dark. Intense and dark doesn't even start to describe "OBLITERATED BY DESIGN" by Walking... Continue Reading →

Køster – “Situational”

I've already shared a lot of amazing songs with you today but have yet to share out a pop-punk-perfect pick. That changes now with "Situational" from Køster. With a typical pop-punk start of acoustic vocals and just a lingering guitar... Continue Reading →

The Jack Knives – “The Time We Had”

Are you still sleeping on The Jack Knives even after I've shared multiple singles from them? Well, here's yet another chance to hop on this amazing train. The Jack Knives just released their new track "The Time We Had" and,... Continue Reading →

DryerFire – “Torture”

"Torture" from DryerFire is about an uncomfortable subject but one that is so serious and so important. **trigger warning** This song is about DryerFire's singer and them dealing with the emotions of being raped. This is a heavy subject to... Continue Reading →

EVERPALE – “Greyscale”

I shared "The Static" from EVERPALE with you in June of this year (read the review here!). Whether you read that and listened to my advice to check out EVERPALE or not, now is another chance to check out just... Continue Reading →

Geech Sorensen – “Is This Real Life”

Many days when going to be or waking up, I find myself asking "Is This Real Life". This morning was one of those mornings. I got to see Nick Cave last night and, by the end of the week, I... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

I used to hate shows where you had to sit in a seat. Now that I'm older and I can feel the toll that spending every night on my feet is starting to take on my body, I look forward... Continue Reading →

Babes in Canyon – “North”

Are you looking for something sweet and something that just makes you smile? Try "North" from Babes in Canyon out. This song is fun and light-hearted. It's playful and will make you forget all of the stresses that come along... Continue Reading →

Eat Lead Tracy – “Younger Cooler Hotter”

I love hearing debut songs and albums from people. It's as if you are stepping into a whole new world that was just created. I find a thrill in it and "Younger Cooler Hotter", from Eat Lead Tracy's debut album,... Continue Reading →

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