Girl at the Rock Shows

Aren’t You Tired Of Being Weak?

This has been a light week for me show-wise but pretty insane as far as my personal life goes. I won't get into details of what all has been going on but, I assure you, it's all good things-- actually,... Continue Reading →

No More Winters – ‘Sedentary Nomads’

I've been saving this album for a snowy day but apparently, we aren't getting those right now up here in Minneapolis. I'm a bit bummed. I know most people don't like the winters up here with how cold and snowy... Continue Reading →

An Interview With K4YLEE

There's something both threatening and calming about K4YLEE's music. What do I mean? Well, I'm not quite sure to be honest. Her music has me a bit lost for words in the best way possible. The amount of power, sass,... Continue Reading →

Teach Me How To Be Okay

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday weekend! Mine was low key but amazing and was topped off by an amazing show on Sunday night. Sure, I knew nothing about two of the three bands performing as I got in... Continue Reading →

Canary Complex – ‘When I Say Rain…’

Happy Tofurkey day, everyone! Regardless of how you spend it, I hope you have a fabulous day. Personally, I love using this day to get caught up on work, cleaning, and, of course, making a delicious tofurkey. The only thing... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Blessed By Iron

Getting to know bands from other countries is one of my favorite parts of this job. I love how, although we live on opposite sides of the world, music is a common thread so when Blessed By Iron emailed me... Continue Reading →

Phillip Saint John – ‘Sun Indigo’

To say I'm having a stressful day today would be an understatement and I'm a bit overwhelmed and honestly feeling a bit defeated. You know what that means-- time to check out some new music to help snap me out... Continue Reading →

You Were The Perfect Storm

The flurries coming down as I walked from my car to The Armory were almost peaceful. Sure, it was cold, but it made getting into the Armory feel cozy and like a second home. I was surprised at the lack... Continue Reading →

God Bless Catastrophe

The show must go on. I feel like that saying is more true now than ever. With the pandemic still raging, it has become almost normal for bands to drop off last minute due to cases in their crews but... Continue Reading →

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