Girl at the Rock Shows

Bali Yaaah – ‘Lost Behind the Clouds’

Today is day one of wedding adventures as I get ready for my brother's big day tomorrow. It's been an insane day and I'm a little stressed, already exhausted, but so excited for the rest of the weekend. That being... Continue Reading →

The Week Of December 3rd- 9th

Wolf Rd - "Way Down"-- Although this track starts off a bit more slow and dreamy than I typically go for, the way it ramps up into a perfect pop-punk song is just, well, perfect. Catchy and boppy with an... Continue Reading →

Monica LaPlante – ‘Quarantine – EP’

The title of Monica LaPlante's EP shows just how long it has been sitting on my desk. Yes, I know that the pandemic is not over but the days of feared quarantines seem to be gone *knock on wood* and... Continue Reading →

Les Misérables

It's not that I forgot about my one year anniversary with my boyfriend-- more I just got overly excited about the prospect of seeing Les Misérables live. I love my concerts, I truly do but it's so nice to mix... Continue Reading →

Wesley David – ‘Satori’

My brother is getting married this weekend. Jeez, that feels weird to say. I am truly so happy for him and his beautiful fiance and I know it will be a perfect day full of amazing food, friends, and family... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Nadia Kodes

Nadia Kodes' new song "Traitor" struck me. Both musically and visually with her music video, I was just stuck. There was something so gorgeous about it but also something so very deep and important. When I first talked to Nadia,... Continue Reading →

You’re The Darkest Burning Star

I was fascinated by the line-up of Monday night's show. Two country acts, one metal act, what in the heck was going on? Full disclosure, I knew nothing about the two country openers to the point where I had never... Continue Reading →

The Church of Cash

There were a couple of shows on Saturday night that I would have loved to be at. From The Plot In You playing a sold-out show at Amsterdam in Saint Paul to Impaler's Merry Krampus celebration at the gorgeous Hook... Continue Reading →

I’m Poor Until Payday

It started snowing as soon as I left the house on Friday night. Typically, this wouldn't bug me. I'm the type of person that understands that we live in Minnesota and snow happens so it's just part of life but... Continue Reading →

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