Girl at the Rock Shows

I’m Having Trouble Breathing In

Shows are slowly but surely coming back to life up here in the Twin Cities and I could not be happier. I'll admit, my show choice for Saturday night was not my normal cup of tea but it was a... Continue Reading →

There’s Always Been A Rainbow Hangin’ Over Your Head

30 days. I have gone 30 days without a concert. I know that's not as extreme as the initial pandemic but just having to type that number out breaks my heart. 30 days is too long for me to go... Continue Reading →

Fez & The Lost Souls – ‘Love Songs & Letter Bombs’

Wait, did a festival get announced today or something? My excitement level has been out of control since I saw the flyer for the 'When We Were Young' show in Las Vegas and realized it was real. To say my... Continue Reading →

Glass Crush – ‘Glass Crush’

My new year's resolution was to do an album review every day. Clearly, that's not working out for me but I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Life just keeps getting in the way and, with the lack... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Adptd

Adptd’s (aka Josie Randle) new single “Scared” is beyond powerful. From the instrumentation to the lyrics to the overall delivery– I found myself just absolutely floored by the beauty and power that flows freely from this track. I wanted to... Continue Reading →

Jordan Carr & The Boys – ‘Rail Vodka’

Today is just not going my way. Shows are getting canceled and postponed left and right, I can't find a favorite necklace of mine (I know it's here somewhere), and now my turntable has decided to go on strike (probably... Continue Reading →

Flush – ‘Conspiracies, Threats and Chaos’

Happy 2022 everybody! Did anyone else think we may not make it? Well, here we are for better or for worse. I'll be honest, the fact that every time I look at my show calendar, the amount of cancellations and... Continue Reading →

Inside Voices – ‘Seek’

All of my shows through the rest of the year have been canceled or postponed since the uptick in covid cases. Honestly, my heart is broken and the fact that I've already seen my last show of 2021 is a... Continue Reading →

Tag! You’re It!

I wasn't supposed to have any shows this week. I had kind of settled into the idea if I'm being quite honest. A mixture of exhaustion from the holiday hustle and bustle and a shift in my love life that... Continue Reading →

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