Girl at the Rock Shows

Boy Destroy – ‘Warpaint EP’

I have no witty intro for you right now. I'm still feeling overwhelmed by this week and stressed over all of the things I need to do this weekend and the lack of air conditioning. Dear Boy Destroy-- please be... Continue Reading →

King Black Acid – ‘Twin Flames’

My air conditioner died during one of the hottest streaks of weather Minnesota has ever seen so early in the year. I'll be honest, my house is feeling rough but thankfully last night was cool enough that I could open... Continue Reading →

An Interview with The Very Reverend

Things are popping off in the music world. I feel like everyone is putting out the best music they have ever put out and tours are being announced left and right. The Very Reverend is no exception to this and... Continue Reading →

Horse Tornado – ‘The Great Pause’

When I first heard "Chicago Ave" from Horse Tornado, I fell in love. It has been a strange time to be living in Minneapolis and I feel like Horse Tornado (AKA┬áDylan Hilliker) captured the emotion, confusion, frustration, and everything else... Continue Reading →

Homeless Radio – ‘The Truth’

It is hotter than hot out today. I was honestly going to spend my evening and night at the pool but it's just too downright hot to even make the trek over so, instead, let's check out some new music... Continue Reading →

Side by Side

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't thought about skipping out on last night's show. It was beyond hot out here yesterday and the show was outside. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a nice and warm summery day... Continue Reading →

Who Does Her Hair?

Have I written about how amazing it is to be going back to shows? Sure, we aren't where we were before the world shut down but a few shows here and there has done nothing but help my mental health... Continue Reading →

Can I Say – ‘Flood’

I'm going to a show tomorrow! A real-life show! I know, I know, it's not my first one back but I'm still super excited for any show I get! Half of me wants to go to bed in preparation for... Continue Reading →

Black & White Motion Picture – ‘Black & White Motion Picture’

The cats have been fed, the plants have been watered, dishes are done... yeah, I'm kind of killing it tonight! The only way to end such a productive evening is by checking out some new music so let's start with... Continue Reading →

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