Girl at the Rock Shows

I’m Just a Kid

Did I feel old last night? Yes. Did I maybe shed a tear or two? Yes. Did I sing along to every single word of every single song even though I hadn't listened to the songs in nearly fifteen years?... Continue Reading →


Can’t You See? You’re Your Own Worst Enemy

Doom has been a band since the late 80's (with a couple of breaks here and there) and has seven full length albums alongside too many demos and compilations to list. They are legends in the crust punk scene and... Continue Reading →

From Time To Time We All Get A Bit Restless

Winter is quickly approaching here in Minneapolis. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic but, if you live up here, you know it's true. Because of this, I will find any concert to cover that's outside. I don't care what it... Continue Reading →

I’m A Loser Baby So Why Don’t You Kill Me

Work was unbearable yesterday. My day job seemed to last no less than thirteen hours before I was able to clock out and head home. It took three hours for my water to boil so I could make some macaroni... Continue Reading →

I Fall Asleep In The Arms of My Past

As soon as the first note rang out, I knew I was in for a good night. My friend Jessica grabbed my arm and had a cheesy smile that streaked across her face as the note turned into the first... Continue Reading →

And My Password Is “Be Honest”

Minneapolis winters suck. There's no denying that. Even if you love the snow and freezing temperatures, it gets old after the first couple of months. I truly believe that because of the long, drawn out winters up here, people go... Continue Reading →

I Am Hollywood

With two 10 out of 10 nights in a row, my streak of amazing shows and being able to ignore my exhaustion was bound to run out. Thankfully, last night was not the night where the streak ended and I... Continue Reading →

You Can Keep It But You Can’t Look Back

After seeing Blink-182 on Wednesday night and then Taking Back Sunday last night, I'm really starting to question what year it is. As someone who is a complete sucker for nostalgia and with my taste in music not quite maturing... Continue Reading →

Feeling This

It was just under a year ago when I saw Blink-182 live for the first time ever. It was one of the best nights of my life and something I will never forget. I had another chance to see this... Continue Reading →

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