Girl at the Rock Shows

May Your Winning Streak, May It Never End

If you're reading this that means you survived St. Patrick's Day 2018 and I applaud you. To say yesterday was a mess would be an understatement. My plan was to just stay in all day, get stuff done around the... Continue Reading →


You Can Tell That Everything Is Going Well

It has been 116 days since The Triple Rock closed (but who's counting, right?). Every once in awhile I will go to a show and am instantly be transported into that legendary club that I spent far too many nights... Continue Reading →

Sing It All Away

Last night was one of the many nights where I found myself at a show that I knew nothing about. After two nights off from shows, I really didn't care. I just needed the feeling of the bass rattling my... Continue Reading →

So Raise Your Glass If You Are Wrong In All The Right Ways

The overly excited guy in the seat next to me said it best. "Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, all of those other big name female stars... they're all Diet Pepsi's. I'm more of a Dr. Pepper fan myself!" To say that... Continue Reading →

And Here We Go There’s Nothing Left To Lose

Like so many others nights, I truly had no clue what I was walking into when walking into last night's show at The Myth. The fact that my boss at my day job had mentioned the show and expressed interest... Continue Reading →

Party People I Like To See You Dance

It would have been so easy to just stay home last night. There was a winter storm hitting the Twin Cities at full force. With lots of snow, wind whipping the snow around, and plummeting temperatures, sitting at home with... Continue Reading →

The End Starts Now

Some people think that metal music is just a dick showing contest of who can play the fastest and scream the loudest. I honestly used to be one of those people but, in my angsty teenage years, that's exactly what... Continue Reading →

Nothing’s Ever Felt As Right As This

The infamous Triple Rock Social Club may have closed down last November but the spirit of the club has been alive and kicking ever since and last night was proof of that. When walking into the sold out Fine Line... Continue Reading →

How Will You Know If You Never Try?

My current bender of shows has been mostly pop and indie-pop music so it was only fitting that it ended with a show from one of the hottest indie-pop bands out there right now. Now, I'm not the biggest indie-pop... Continue Reading →

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