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Only You Know What To Do Now

Friday was a bit of a frantic day for me but I couldn't tell you why. I was stressed and exhausted and just could never get caught up on work or anything else. I needed a moment to catch my... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Cans of Caffeine

I've been seen some absolutely amazing shows lately but they have all been mostly touring acts. That's not a bad problem to have but my roots are in the local scene and, every once in awhile, I crave a purely... Continue Reading →

Everything Is Alright If Only For The Night

Wednesday night was supposed to be my night off. My night to get caught up on work, laundry, and terrible TV. I was looking forward to it but then I saw who was opening up the show at First Avenue... Continue Reading →

All The Heaven, All The Time

After my quick yet delightful time in the 7th Street Entry for the Lutalo and Claud show, it was time to move upstairs for the Kid Kapichi and Nothing But Thieves concert. I was excited as I passed through a... Continue Reading →

Taking Steps With A Caution Sign

What do you do when you can't decide between two shows to go to? Obviously you go to both. Okay, maybe that's just me but that's how I spent my Monday night. There were two shows conveniently happening in the... Continue Reading →

The Only Moment We Were Alone

I was feeling rather stressed as I made my way to First Avenue on Saturday night. I had a great day on Saturday. I got a lot done and spent some time doing nothing which is what I'm realizing I... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Little Sewerstar

Never judge a book but it's cover. That being said, always judge a show by the artwork or imagery. Okay, I don't really mean that but the only reason I ended up at the 7th Street Entry on Friday night... Continue Reading →

Hiding The Tears In My Eyes

And that's a wrap on 2023's Riot Fest. Sunday, the final day of the festival, didn't go off flawlessly but it ended up being one of my favorite days of the festival. Unfortunately, a nasty rain storm wreaked havoc on... Continue Reading →

What Is A Juggalo?

Day two of Riot Fest is now in the books. My feet have a few more band-aids on them to cover up the blisters and I honestly don't know if I have ever hit such high numbers on my step... Continue Reading →

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