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I’ll Never Re-Live My Past Again

I woke up with a tickle in my throat. I knew what that meant. Give me a couple of hours and I would be up to my head in strep throat thickness. No.... of all the days to get sick... Continue Reading →


For Me This Is Life

I was a teenager lost in a world of black eyeliner and guys in skinny jeans. I spent my days cutting out pictures from Alternative Press of Good Charlotte and Simple Plan just to stable them onto my wall. I... Continue Reading →

I’m Gonna Lock Myself Inside My Room, With This 40 Ounce On Repeat

In September of 2015 I wandered into a random show and completely fell in love. I fell in love with the music, the vibe, and everything else that happened that night. That show was headlined by Fidlar- a band that... Continue Reading →

Or Is It All A Dream?

Last night was one of those feel good type of shows. With good friends by my side (some of which I hadn't seen in years) and a cold drink in my hand, I watched in awe as bands that I've... Continue Reading →

We’re Off To Never–, Neverland

Comedian Jim Breuer (who happened to open Wednesday night's Metallica show) explained it perfectly. It's those goosebumps you get as the lights go on and the anticipation of seeing a legendary group perform reaches it's breaking point. It's that chill... Continue Reading →

Island of the Damned

Seeing bands take the stage that haven't done so in over thirty years is truly a special sight. I could have been at the Taylor Swift show last night watching pop-music in it's best form with a show full of... Continue Reading →

There’s No Reason You Should Ever Have Your Head Down

The past two nights have me questioning what year it was. I relived the 90's with Lit on Thursday night and then last night relived the 2000's with a band that made a ridiculously huge impact on my life. Being... Continue Reading →

It’s No Surprise To Me I Am My Own Worst Enemy

I'm a firm believer that nostalgia is a hell of a drug. I'm also a firm believer in the idea that you should never be embarrassed or ashamed of what music you listen to. Music is music and if Kenny... Continue Reading →

The Weirdness Flows Between Us

It had been awhile since I was at First Avenue. It's always like a breath of fresh air when walking into that venue. The staff has gotten to know me and they know my spot. My bartender knows my drinks... Continue Reading →

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