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An Interview with SYNS

SYNS' new single "Speak The Same" instantly stood out to me. It's not only the way it sounds, but also the way ithe video looks. Something about this SYNS character had me intrigued and I just had to get to... Continue Reading →

Interview with CAROLINE

I fell in love with CAROLINE instantly. Her social media accounts are full of bright pictures and I'm pretty sure there isn't one where she isn't smiling her infectious smile. Although young, there's something timeless about her look that I... Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Missing Peace

I've been doing interviews a lot lately. It's seriously just so fun to get to know bands on a deeper and more personal level. Even though I know my questions are unconventional and probably have the music geeks cringing because... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Crux

"Living In Dystopia" was the first single I heard from Crux. I really liked the track but wanted so much more. The track alone is powerful, there's no denying that, but I just wanted more to really get a feel... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Tom Darwent of Fondness

Interviewing is rough for me given my severe social anxiety and my crippling shyness. It has always bugged me. I love talking to people at shows but as soon as you put that formal "interview" word on it, I freak... Continue Reading →

A Night On The Patio With Jon Weber

Pre-pandemic I was at a show nearly every night. I would leave my house for majority of those shows around 8 or 8:30. Although I was always tired, it was just kind of part of my life in some odd... Continue Reading →

You Gotta Dig Your Own Grave And Find Your Own Star

It was one of my first days of college at McNally Smith College of Music. I was a freshman, 17, and had no clue what the hell I was doing. I walked into the auditorium for a class called "Artist... Continue Reading →

Rhode Island Is Famous For You

Shows are few and far between so I feel like I cherish them more now than I have in the past few years. Instead of dragging my feet off of the couch to go to one, I hop in the... Continue Reading →

Cory Wong Feat. The Hornheads

135 days. That's how many days I have gone without a concert. Although my house has never been cleaner and my cats have never been happier, my mental health has never been worse. 135 days of adapting to a new... Continue Reading →

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