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An Interview with The Very Reverend

Things are popping off in the music world. I feel like everyone is putting out the best music they have ever put out and tours are being announced left and right. The Very Reverend is no exception to this and... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Kicked Out of the Sky

One-person bands have always been a weakness for me. I have a hard enough time just keeping my chops up on the few instruments I do play. Thinking about having to do that with multiple instruments while singing--- it just... Continue Reading →

An Interview With LonelyTwin

I get excited about new music a lot but I feel like I've been extra excited about the debut album from LonelyTwin that is due out this summer. Sadly, summer is still a bit away and I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Bethan Wyn

There's something raw, honest, and oh so addicting about Bethan Wyn's debut single "Get To Know You". I instantly fell in love with everything about Bethan and, being me, just had to know a bit more about this super talented... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Madysin Hatter

I was instantly drawn to Madysin when I opened an email from her and took a listen to her new song "Wild & Strange". She has an attitude and style that I instantly felt drawn to but there was also... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Olivia Bell

I'll admit, I'm really loving e-interviewing people lately! I just love getting an inside look at musician's lives and not just the music side of it. I feel like music does a lot of talking already so it has been... Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Let Go

I was instantly drawn to The Let Go because of their sound. It's full of dancey and infectious beats but comes with lyrics that cut right to your core. It's a great blend of everything that I love so, of... Continue Reading →

An Interview with SYNS

SYNS' new single "Speak The Same" instantly stood out to me. It's not only the way it sounds, but also the way ithe video looks. Something about this SYNS character had me intrigued and I just had to get to... Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Missing Peace

I've been doing interviews a lot lately. It's seriously just so fun to get to know bands on a deeper and more personal level. Even though I know my questions are unconventional and probably have the music geeks cringing because... Continue Reading →

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