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An Interview With Richard Marc

Who is Richard Marc? Honestly, I'm not offended if you're asking that and I don't think that Richard would be offended either. He has been a behind-the-scenes kind of man working with artists like Lauren Alex Hooper and TikTok star... Continue Reading →

Interview With Justin From The Catalina

I fell in love with The Catalina the second I heard them for the first time. Their fun-loving energy was heard loud and clear through their music and the amount of energy it gave off was just perfect. I won't... Continue Reading →

Interview With Jody of Public Universal Friend

I'm not sure how Jody of Public Universal Friend found my email or even found out about me, but why question an amazing thing? I had honestly never heard of Public Universal Friend prior to the email hitting my inbox... Continue Reading →

Interview With Eric Miko Findlay of Seahaven

I miss talking to musicians. Although I rarely write about my direct interactions with musicians and really try to just focus on the live show energy and music, talking to musicians is one of my favorite things. Being that there... Continue Reading →

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