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Shades Apart- ‘Eternal Echo’

I was surprised to read that Shades Apart's 'Eternal Echo' was their first album in nineteen years. It's not because I'm a huge fan because, if I'm being frank, I had never heard of Shades Apart prior to getting the... Continue Reading →

Milk White Throat- ‘Hierarchy’

I'm exhausted and should really spend my night in getting some extra sleep and catching up on some reading but, even after doing a few reviews, I still want more new music. I knew I didn't have the energy or... Continue Reading →

Deep Tissue- ‘Patience Or Fear’

Welp- It's snowing. I guess I honestly shouldn't be surprised since I do live in Minnesota but, to have snowfall before Halloween is just plain mean and honestly the icing on the cake to this year. That being said, I'm... Continue Reading →

The Right Here- ‘Stick To The Plan’

I won't lie- I've been listening to very little outside of the new Machine Gun Kelly album. Yes, I realize that I have blasted MGK before in live show reviews but he really nails it on this new album. I... Continue Reading →

Kulick- ‘Yelling In A Quiet Neighborhood’

It's another weird night in my life. The social injustices in this country have me feeling angry and have my anxiety at an all time high. It's actually super depressing and now is the perfect time to turn to some... Continue Reading →

Wilmette- ‘Wilmette’

I am waiting for an album to download that I really need to get a review done for but the download is taking for freaking ever. I figured it wouldn't hurt to use my time wisely and try to pound... Continue Reading →

The Catalina- ‘Love Somebody’

I stopped in to see a good friend that is also one of my dealers (promos for review dealer-- come on now!) and, although she is always excited to give me a new stack of albums to review, she seemed... Continue Reading →

Cate Tomlinson- ‘Missing’

I was never really one for calming music but I feel like everything is so weird right now and more low-key, music is just hitting the spot. Beyond hitting the spot, its calming me down, and honestly who am I... Continue Reading →

Homeplate- ‘Derby City EP’

"For fans of: MXPX, State Champs, Four Year Strong, (Old) Hawk Nelson, Handguns, The Ataris, Value Pac, and A Loss For Words." That's what the press release about Homeplate's debut 'Derby City EP' said. To call that a tall order would... Continue Reading →

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