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An Interview With Tom Darwent of Fondness

Interviewing is rough for me given my severe social anxiety and my crippling shyness. It has always bugged me. I love talking to people at shows but as soon as you put that formal "interview" word on it, I freak... Continue Reading →

Dave Sandersfeld- ‘Somewhere in the Dark’

Coming out with a new EP in the middle of a pandemic has to be rough. Sure, people can cover it for you but you don't get that giant release party that I'm sure is much wanted. Dave Sandersfeld released... Continue Reading →

Josh Fudge- ‘Fun Times’

A couple of days ago I heard a track from Josh Fudge. I knew nothing about him before listening to this track but I instantly fell in love. It was dancey, it was upbeat, it was positive, it was cute,... Continue Reading →

Strayfare- ‘Semi-formal’

It's yet another night of avoiding all of my chores and digging for some new music to soundtrack my life. My list is even more out of control now than it ever has been and I'm realizing just how far... Continue Reading →

The Shang Hi Los- ‘Kick It Like A Wicked Bad Habit’

Happy Wednesday everybody! I've been on a bit of a review roll lately so why stop now? I honestly have no particular taste for anything music-wise. I just want something fun and upbeat. Thankfully, my buddy at Rum Bar Records... Continue Reading →

Andy Bleifer- ‘We’ll Be Fine’

The title of this EP caught me. Today was a rough day. It started with a migraine, continued with a hellish day at the day job, and is now at the point where I have a lot of energy but... Continue Reading →

Cactus Flowers- ‘Incantations’

Certain music just sounds better on vinyl. Sometimes I hear a track from a particular artist and can't help but say, "Dang, I wish I had this on vinyl." The second I heard a track from Cactus Flowers, I knew... Continue Reading →

Belted Sweater- ‘I’m Fucking Delightful’

I'm not really the most social person on the planet and have been told multiple times that I am intimidating. Because of that, I like to tell everyone at work that "I'm a fucking people person and people fucking love... Continue Reading →

Paul Michell- ‘Break The Fall’

I'm at the point where I'm tired but I'm not. You know what I mean, right? I should really start winding down with a book in bed but my mind is telling me that I still have enough energy to... Continue Reading →

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