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*Album Review* Julia Christi Ann- ‘Conjectures’

With super cold temperatures outside (there's currently a wind-chill warning in the Twin Cities for wind-chills exceeding -40-- no, I'm not kidding) there was no way I was leaving my apartment. It's warm, it's cozy, I have a candle going... Continue Reading →


*Album Review* Meg Kirsch- ‘Street Cat’

There are always a million shows going on any given night here in the Twin Cities. It's literally impossible for me to see everything I want to. I was super bummed when I couldn't make it to Meg Kirsch's release... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Bye Bye Banshee- ‘Deathfolk Magic’

Honestly, my plan was to just lay on the couch listening to Elton John songs and be bitter over the fact that he decided he didn't need The Girl at the Rock Shows to cover his show (okay, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Messer- ‘Messer’

I've been a bit overwhelmed by the ever-growing stack of albums on my desk to review. I honestly didn't even know where to start this morning when I found myself with a couple extra hours so I closed my eyes... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Static Panic- ‘Chrome’

I have this bad habit of falling in love with a band when I see them live but never really taking the time to listen to their music on recordings. It's not that I don't want to, more that when... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Kari Arnett- ‘When The Dust Settles’

It's another cold and snowy night up here in Minnesota and without a show that seemed worth me losing my prime parking spot at my apartment, I felt it would be a good night to check out another album submitted... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Palmer T. Lee- ‘Winebringer’

There's something whimsical about the cover of Palmer T. Lee's 'Winebringer' album. A watercolor like painting of a beautiful mountain with green trees-- just looking at the album can take you to a whole other place away from all of... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Madwagon- ‘With Love From Shangri La’

A couple of months ago I connected with Rich Morris who introduced me to the band Jack FoolerY. I checked out their album and fell in love. It was different but felt so familiar at the same time. I was... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Anna Stine- ‘Company of Now’

I recently befriended an amazing lady that does a lot of work with promoting bands. I stopped by her office just wanting to meet her and grab a CD or two to review just so we could try things out... Continue Reading →

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