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*Album Review* Goodnight Ritual- ‘Galore’

There was a sense of excitement in Krista's eyes as she handed over Goodnight Ritual's "Galore" album. Krista is the queen of PR over at Tinderbox Music and we have formed a friendship over the past couple of months. She... Continue Reading →


*Album Review* The Bad Man- ‘Laughing With Bad Teeth’

The Bad Man is one of those names that I feel like I'm constantly seeing on killer line-ups in town yet have never had a chance to catch live. Living in a city with so much amazing live music truly... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Yam Haus- ‘Stargazer’

I was first introduced to Yam Haus in February of last year. My friend and I walked into their show and instantly gave each the "Oh yeah, this band has it!" look. It's crazy how you can just call it... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Chris Koza- ‘Sleepwalkers Part 1’

It's been a hot minute since I've reached into my always growing box of releases to review. Life has been nutty what with concerts, work and trying to keep some resemblance of a social life. Today is honestly the first... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Joshua Powell- ‘Psychotropic’

Like usual, I have no clue how I got connected with Joshua Powell but when his "Psychotropic" CD came across my desk alongside with a press release calling it an "acid trip for the whole family", well, do I really... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Julia Christi Ann- ‘Conjectures’

With super cold temperatures outside (there's currently a wind-chill warning in the Twin Cities for wind-chills exceeding -40-- no, I'm not kidding) there was no way I was leaving my apartment. It's warm, it's cozy, I have a candle going... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Meg Kirsch- ‘Street Cat’

There are always a million shows going on any given night here in the Twin Cities. It's literally impossible for me to see everything I want to. I was super bummed when I couldn't make it to Meg Kirsch's release... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Bye Bye Banshee- ‘Deathfolk Magic’

Honestly, my plan was to just lay on the couch listening to Elton John songs and be bitter over the fact that he decided he didn't need The Girl at the Rock Shows to cover his show (okay, I wasn't... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Messer- ‘Messer’

I've been a bit overwhelmed by the ever-growing stack of albums on my desk to review. I honestly didn't even know where to start this morning when I found myself with a couple extra hours so I closed my eyes... Continue Reading →

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