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An Interview With Kat Koan

The amount of attitude and swagger I got from Kat Koan's new song "Lost Souls" had me sold on the first listen of the single. I loved the almost Riot Grrrl attitude and sound and knew I wanted to get... Continue Reading →

Battery Eyes – ‘ZERO ONE’

Every time I say I'm going to get better at doing album reviews regularly, I fail so I'm not going to say it this time but I will say that I am due for some new music. Self-employment life is... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Erik Happ of False Pockets

Everything about False Pockets' new single "Quarter Life Crisis Diaper" is just pure perfection. It's catchy, infectious, and feels fresh and new. It was love at first listen and, per usual, I just had to know about this Rochester, NY-based... Continue Reading →

Side Note – ‘Lakeside Hiatus’

I'm honestly super excited to have a night off. I had a great weekend full of amazing shows and seeing some great friends from out of town but holy crap it took it out of me and I'm looking forward... Continue Reading →

Townsend – ‘Townsend’

I'll be honest, nothing in my stack of music to review is really speaking to me right now but I am so in the mood for some new music that I blindly reached into my stack and pulled out Townsend's... Continue Reading →

Camel on Fire – ‘Imaginary’

It's another insane week full of shows and work for me but I told myself I just have to get in the swing of reviewing albums again. Although I was hesitant to even start doing album reviews, it has become... Continue Reading →

Phil the Band – ‘Phoenix Sun’

Phil the Band's sound keeps on crossing my mind. They reached out to me months ago about their single "Before You Die" and again today with a new upcoming single. I fell in love with my first listen and asked... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Taryn Hadfield

The song title of Taryn Hadfield's new single "Manic Pixie Dream Girl" had me absolutely sold. I loved everything about it and instantly wanted to know all there was to know about Taryn's Rubik's cube skills and Taco Bell preferences.... Continue Reading →

QUAERY- ‘Until The Sun Stopped Glowing’

It's another super busy day in my life but my need for some new tunes is consuming my brain so time for a quick break and a little look into QUAERY's new 3-song EP 'Until The Sun Stopped Glowing'. This... Continue Reading →

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