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Vulgar Commons – ‘Nicotine Fingers’

I hope you all had an amazing holiday! I know I did but I'm pretty sure I'm still in a slight food coma from all of the deliciousness I had on Thursday. That being said, work doesn't stop and although... Continue Reading →

Cara Van Thorn – ‘The Way I Hear It in My Head’

I get a lot of CDs, records, and even cassettes in the mail but Cara Van Thorn is the first act to send me a credit card with their music on it. Okay, it's not actually a credit card but... Continue Reading →

Woz – ‘At The Gulf’

It's a gloomy and rainy Wednesday up here in Minneapolis and although I've been getting a lot done today, I am in the need of some music to help soundtrack what is sure to be an insane afternoon when all... Continue Reading →

Jenny Stenger – ‘trying my best’

It's Monday. Mondays are busy but I am 'trying my best' to get caught up after a crazy weekend and after being sick for a couple of days. Trying my best is one of those phrases that I think has... Continue Reading →

Chestnut – ‘Ladder Match’

Happy Tuesday everyone! I don't have a witty intro for this post or anything to tell you about in my life but why do I need that? I have a feeling that 'Ladder Match' from Chestnut is going to do... Continue Reading →

AV. – ‘Made of Stone’

It's Monday. I'm still not recovered from my trip to Las Vegas last weekend and am still fighting the nasty case of strep throat that I came home with but I am determined to not let it get in my... Continue Reading →

Selina Gin – ‘Patiently Waving’

I'm giving up on work today. The emails won't stop coming in. The texts and messages from friends asking about Blink 182 tickets or my thoughts on the When We Were Young 2 situation, trying to figure out what I... Continue Reading →

Blissful Red – ‘Less Than’

The artwork of Blissful Red's 'Less Than' album is simple but amazing. I mean, who doesn't love an avocado? Beyond that, there's just something super free and creative about the watercolor style. What I'm trying to say is that although... Continue Reading →

Shawn Brown – ‘The Rain Parade’

It's finally fall. I have my fall candle going. One window is cracked just for that fresh air breeze. The house is fairly clean. What I'm trying to say is I'm feeling great-- I'm thriving. Outside of snowy winter days,... Continue Reading →

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