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Taylor Curtis- ‘Neurotica’

Happy Sunday and happy Easter to those that celebrate it! I've spent my day scrubbing down my house and, now that it's done and I have the sun soaking in through my windows, I'm ready to check out some new... Continue Reading →

Queen’s Pleasure- ‘Panic From Dublin’

There was something familiar about "Starlet" from Queen's Pleasure that I just couldn't quite put my finger on. I was intrigued and had to know more. Lucky for me, they literally just release their new EP 'Panic From Dublin' so... Continue Reading →

Blue Tomorrows- ‘Future Proof’

Cassettes are a lost art, at least that's what I thought until recently. Lately, my mailbox has been full of cassettes and it honestly makes me so happy so why not jump into one of these to remind me just... Continue Reading →

Puppy Feet- ‘Unconditionally Terrified’

We made it everyone! Happy Saturday! If you had a week like mine, you more than deserve this weekend. To celebrate making it through the trying week, let's jump into some new music starting with Puppy Feet's brand new EP,... Continue Reading →

Jet Black Alley Cat- ‘Mad Disco 70’s Lovers’

There was something so infectiously catchy about the chorus in Jet Black Alley Cat's single "Dangerously Cool" that I had to hear more. Thankfully, they just released a new EP so let's see if they can catch me with any... Continue Reading →

Villins- ‘The Power’

Calling yourself "New York City's most dangerous band" is definitely a bold claim but that was the subject line when I got the pitch for Villins'┬ábrand new EP 'The Power'. I'll be honest, I'm a bit pessimistic as to whether... Continue Reading →

notbrian- ‘Rua’

My day has been spent refreshing vaccine finders. I'm exhausted, stressed, and completely discouraged. I'm going back in a rut when I felt like I had just gotten out of one. There's only one thing that is sure to help... Continue Reading →

Daddies – ‘EP II’

I'm starting to fade over here. It's early but it's also Monday so I'm not going to beat myself up for going to bed fairly early but I do want to check out one more release before I turn in... Continue Reading →

Twilight Creeps- ‘Ghouls, Ghouls, Ghouls’

I have no witty intro or anything for this one but, after hearing one single from Twilight Creeps and seeing the album cover, I just can not wait to dig into this new album so let's just go for it!... Continue Reading →

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