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An Interview With Fade

Fade reached out to me about his new single "City Ride" and, as soon as I heard it, I was in love. It was smooth and jazzy while having a huge big-band vibe and a crap ton of energy. It... Continue Reading →

An Interview With A.N.J.A.

The attitude in A.N.J.A.'s new single, "Monoxide" had me hooked. There is just such a swagger and such a fierceness in it that I just could not get enough of it. I think my cats would be okay if they... Continue Reading →

Pool Day With Mundo Park

Although the last thing on my mind has been spending time outside what with my air conditioning being out of commission, I am happy to say that that should be changing on Wednesday. Even though I'm going to hate signing... Continue Reading →

An Interview With LonelyTwin

I get excited about new music a lot but I feel like I've been extra excited about the debut album from LonelyTwin that is due out this summer. Sadly, summer is still a bit away and I just wanted to... Continue Reading →

An Interview With The Missing Peace

I've been doing interviews a lot lately. It's seriously just so fun to get to know bands on a deeper and more personal level. Even though I know my questions are unconventional and probably have the music geeks cringing because... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Crux

"Living In Dystopia" was the first single I heard from Crux. I really liked the track but wanted so much more. The track alone is powerful, there's no denying that, but I just wanted more to really get a feel... Continue Reading →

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