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An Interview With Lauren Rintoul

"lost art" was the first single I heard from Lauren Rintoul. It was love at first listen but not for my typical reasons. Instead of hitting me with a wall of sound and angst, "lost art" hit me with a... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Conor Lee

Photo Credit: Adam Nantz When I first heard Conor Lee's new single "Candyland", I was honestly confused. Nothing about this song felt familiar to me yet I found myself completely captivated by the track. Instead of shouted vocals like I... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Patrick and Jerika Hayes of Girl Gordon

I have a very skewed view of Ohio. One of my best friends in college moved there after having her first baby. She was the first of my friends to have a kid and I definitely cried much like her... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Brett of When In May

I loved the amount of energy that I got when I first heard "Cheap Red Wine" from When In May. Much like the overall recording quality of the track, there was something raw and unpolished about this song in general.... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Lenny Costa of Down Again

Lenny Costa of Down Again has reached out to me a couple of times with some music from this San Francisco based band. Every time I hear a song, I fall deeper and deeper in love with them. There's something... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Double Star

It's hard to put into words what you get when listening to a song from Double Star. Okay, maybe that sounds a little dramatic but every song I have heard from this band (including their two new tracks, "I know... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Olivia Reid

Photo Credit: Josh Campbell I love music that keeps you on your toes. Music that makes you think of some comparisons but, when push comes to shove, you don't want to make those comparisons because you feel like it's just... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Gooseberry

Photo credit: Savannah Shealy If you've been sleeping on Brooklyn-based Gooseberry, you have been doing it all wrong. This band's brand new EP 'Validate Me' just came out and it absolutely demands your attention. Don't believe me, check out any... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Lula Alex

There's something classic but also fresh about "Just Another Horror Movie" from Lula Alex. The vocals are mature and so full of this old-soul vibe but, the overall track comes off as poppy and perfectly full of life. This contrast... Continue Reading →

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