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An Interview With Scarlett of Pyrotechnica

"For Love" from Pyrotechnica is a little bit of everything. There's a strong sense of rock and metal throughout this song but also a little bit of a gamer vibe and, at times, some pop sensibilities that come through in... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Face Time Police

If you're sleeping on Chicago-based Face Time Police, you are doing it wrong. Don't believe me? Check out their new song "Red + Black + White". This song is inspired by Harley Quinn which, full disclosure, means nothing to me... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Helen and Ivan From Sun Q

There's something eerie yet beautiful about "Animals" from Sun Q. Haunting vocals, intriguing instrumentation and a huge sound that hits you like a wall of bricks-- I was in love upon first listen. Of course, I was intrigued by the... Continue Reading →

An Interview with L.Y.D.

L.Y.D.'s brand new song "Parasol Pine" is completely different from what I typically listen to. It's jazzy and calm whereas I typically like aggressive and in-your-face. Regardless, I felt drawn to this song and to L.Y.D.'s vocals in particular. There... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Thxrnhill

"Moving On (I'm Done)" from Thxrnhill comes off as an instant classic-- there's something unique and unfamiliar about the song but also something super traditional and comforting about the song. From a mystery phone call playing throughout the song to... Continue Reading →

An Interview With SUSU

It has been super warm up here in Minneapolis. It's honestly kind of wild but it has me in the mood to grab some girlfriends, load into my tic-tac of a car, and drive with no real destination or plan.... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Soulcolour

Soulcolour's debut single "Forever and a Day" is one of those songs that catches you right away. I already told you all about this single in my post HERE but, in case you missed it, here's the short of it:... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Scotty and Zachary of Evil Sweet

The vibe in Evil Sweet's new track "Something" is infectious. It makes you smile instantly and makes you want to drop whatever it is you're doing and dance. At the same time, there's a sense of depth and emotion in... Continue Reading →

An Interview with New Haven

New Haven is perfectly heavy. There's no denying the energy and power that comes with their sound but what really hooked me was the flawless nature of their sound. As soon as I hit play on their new song "Between... Continue Reading →

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