Girl at the Rock Shows



It’s Not So F****** Depressing

Some people will say that pop punk is dead. Those people weren't at the show last night. The night started with a great local pop punk band that I had never heard of, 83 Wolfpack. Their sound was something straight out of... Continue Reading →

Dalai Lama, Big Banana, Marijuana

  Last night was the perfect concert to go to after suffering through one show on Sunday (that I didn't even write about because I had absolutely NOTHING nice to say about it) and then having two nights off. I... Continue Reading →

The Idiots Are Taking Over

The first time I heard NOFX, the country was in turmoil. George W Bush was about to be elected as president and I found myself getting involved in many protests and anti-war organizations. I was only in high school. I was... Continue Reading →

I Had A Dream Too Big For The World

Murder By Death The band name sounds sinister. The music is nothing short of beautiful and heartfelt. When I first heard the band name, I was sure it was going to be some sort of extreme metal but when I... Continue Reading →

I Know A Girl With Cuts On Her Legs

Tim Kasher has one of those voices. It's that voice that is smooth enough to sing you to sleep at night but, at the same time, has enough power to hit you like a punch in the face. It's nothing... Continue Reading →

Going Through These Life Changes

To see a band that has meant absolutely everything to you for the past 15 years is enough to make you cry. To hear them play songs that truly helped you through the hardest part of your life, well, that's almost... Continue Reading →

If You Hear Your Mind, The Music Just Isn’t Loud Enough

I knew during the Brand New show on Sunday that I was going to be sick. It ended up being a super nasty bout of strep throat that had me stuck in bed for a couple of days. Being sick wasn't... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow We’ll Regret Today

Here's a joke for you: A mariachi accordionist, deathgrind vocalist, and a Mexican drug cartel lord walk into a bar... Yeah, last night was weird. Pinata Protest was the first band to take the stage and the band that stole... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Admitting Now That I Have A Problem

Last night was one of those shows where I was actually excited to go. It's not that I don't love every show I go to, because I do, but when you go to a show night after night after night,... Continue Reading →

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