Girl at the Rock Shows



Life, Love, Stress and Setbacks

  I'm typically not a fan of rap/ hip-hop music. I typically loathe going to shows at huge venues. Last night I went to a rap/ hip-hop show at the Target Center in Minneapolis and I never wanted it to... Continue Reading →

It Was The Best Of Times

Please excuse me while I go "fan girl" for a second... SKDFJERUDFGNEINAFI#@%$RUERIFHW3294OSFINAEIFJ... I just met Sage Francis. Yes, I am super excited and still shaking. I met Sage Francis tonight. He gave me a hug, a kiss on the cheek,... Continue Reading →

Roam If You Must

I'm not a huge fan of rap. I never really have been. Just not my scene. I typically can't relate to going to the club and getting "turnt up". When you live in the twin cities, you learn to love... Continue Reading →

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