Girl at the Rock Shows



I Am So Glad You Stuck True To Your Obsessions

There are no words to describe how awesome last night was. Absolutely no words. Gypsy punk- it's a thing. It's an amazing thing. Gogol Bordello is my favorite gypsy punk band out there (yes, there are many of them). Gypsy... Continue Reading →

Polka Power!

If you couldn't tell already, my music tastes are all over the place. I love metal, I love punk, apparently I love Dave Matthews Band, and I absolutely love¬†Weird Al Yankovic. If you try and tell me that you don't... Continue Reading →

Send Me Off To Norway

I posted a picture of one of the bands I saw last night to my Facebook. My friend asked if it was a hippie commune. No... just a folk metal band from Norway. Yes, folk metal is a thing and... Continue Reading →

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