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Soviet Films – ‘Four’

I covered Soviet Films' EP 'Familiars' back in March of 2021. I was struck by the power and creativity that came together to form something super beautiful. 'Familiars' is still one of my go-tos when I just need a moment... Continue Reading →

The Amazing T-Bird – “Becoming The King of Ghosts”

I am absolutely running around like a chicken with my head cut off. Although I know Riot Fest is the same weekend every year, it somehow creeps up on me and, when it hits, I feel completely unprepared. Today is... Continue Reading →

Lee Miller Matsos – ‘Metamorphosis, Pt. 1’

Today wasn't a particularly rough day but it did feel draining. The realization that I leave in two days to go cover Riot Fest as both a writer and photographer is hitting me and I feel anxiety and nerves are... Continue Reading →

Soulcolour – ‘Hummingbird’

Does the name Soulcolour ring a bell? It should! I have not only reviewed one of their songs (read my review of "Forever and a Day" HERE!), but I also had a chance to interview the band a couple of... Continue Reading →

Des Rocs – ‘Dream Machine’

Something about the cover and title of Des Rocs' new album 'Dream Machine' is calling to me right now. Maybe it's because I feel like I've been stuck in dream land with all of the sleeping I've been doing lately... Continue Reading →

Alex August – ‘déjà vu’

I haven't been in the mood to write album reviews lately. I honestly don't know what it is. Maybe stress, maybe exhaustion, maybe a combination. Regardless, I've found it hard to sit down and listen to an album in full... Continue Reading →

Vilamoura – ‘Buried Alive’

I had a couple of shows lined up for tonight but they were all outside and, honestly, it's just too dang hot out for me to survive. Maybe it's the PTSD from the So What?! Music Festival down in Texas... Continue Reading →

Quantum Drop Love – ‘Where Nightmares Are Made’

It has been a day. That goes without saying. It's a Monday. I try not to be that person that gets hung up on Monday's but today has been particularly rough. Thankfully, I have a show tonight to help me... Continue Reading →

Half Dizzy – ‘Courtesy Flush’

My newest cat, Alfie, has decided to stage a revolt against my shower curtain liner. When I shower now, it looks like constellations are shining through the black fabric due to the claw marks. He's doing it again. I can... Continue Reading →

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