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Twin Lakes- ‘In The Valley’

Sometimes being a little bit behind on my stack of CD's is almost comforting. Certain albums can hit you in certain ways and sometimes your gut will tell you when to listen to something just by looking at it whether... Continue Reading →

Trinity Test- ‘Brutal Machine’

My music taste has been all over the place since this whole quarantine thing. Some days I feel somber and revert back to my days of Dashboard Confessional and Death Cab For Cutie. Some days I'm feeling adventourous and dig... Continue Reading →

Ben Noble- ‘Where The Light Comes In’

It was over a year ago that I caught Ben Noble at The Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis (you can read my ramblings on that show HERE!) and I remember the sense of calm he was able to bring over... Continue Reading →

Ian Valor and the Vendettas- ‘All Right All Riot’

I've been seeing Ian Valor's name all over my social media accounts. It has me intrigued but sadly, due to an overwhelming concert schedule these days, I have yet to catch Ian Valor and the Vendettas live yet so I... Continue Reading →

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