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The Sonder Bombs- ‘Modern Female Rockstar’

I took today off of work to get some stuff done around the house. All I got done was napping in different rooms of said house and going through some emails. It has me feeling a little discouraged but I... Continue Reading →

Goings- ‘It’s For You’

I have some fallbacks when it comes to listening to music. If I ever don't know what to listen to, I revert back to early 2000's pop-punk. Although this isn't a fault (because let's be honest, the pop-punk from that... Continue Reading →

Vicky Emerson- ‘Steady Heart’

I know I'm late to the party on this album. It has been sitting in my stack of release to review since the beginning stages of my stack but, for some reason, it just never drew me in. Vicky Emerson's... Continue Reading →

The Messenger Birds- ‘Everything Has To Fall Apart Eventually’

I have no explanation as to why but today was a rough mental health day for me. I was feeling frustrated and crabby over everything that happened today and started feeling pessimistic about the future of, well, everything. There's no... Continue Reading →

Homecamp- ‘Did We Return As Something Else’

Overall, I've had a great weekend. I got a lot of stuff done including cleaning my house from top to bottom and getting caught up on some work stuff but I'm ending this Sunday with a lot of anxiety. I... Continue Reading →

Spanking Charlene- ‘Find Me Out’

So far today I've cleaned the house, gotten [mostly] caught up on emails, and have drunk all of the water that my Fitbit has demanded of me. Yeah, I'm feeling pretty good and pretty accomplished so, to celebrate, I decided... Continue Reading →

Macseal- ‘Super Enthusiast’

I should be spending my Saturday morning working but I honestly just can't find the concentration. I honestly can't find the concentration for anything right now. Maybe it's an abundance of sleep or the copious amounts of coffee going through... Continue Reading →

Kara Laudon- ‘Old Lives’

I should really get ready for bed. It's late, it's been a long day and I'm exhausted but I keep on staring over at the growing stack of CD's on my desk to review, and something in my subconscious told... Continue Reading →

Ty Trehern- ‘Dear Dichotomy’

I feel like today was super productive. From waking up and doing a spin class in my basement to replacing a lightbulb in my garage and getting caught up on all of my dishes all after I made dinner-- I... Continue Reading →

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