Girl at the Rock Shows



Tokyo Calling

Sometimes doing this night after night does turn into a bit of a job. There are nights when I envy those people who just get home from their day job, make a nice dinner, and then just chill all night.... Continue Reading →

‘Cause Everybody Loves A Girl Who Does What She Wants

I'm not typically one for pop shows. I feel like they're typically unoriginal and full of smoke and mirrors. If you asked me to classify Gayle into one genre, it would definitely be pop yet I was absolutely thrilled to... Continue Reading →

So Open Up Your Mouth And Scream It Out

I'm finally starting to come back to life after my weekend spent in Las Vegas for the When We Were Young festival. I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my body ached so badly when I got back. I honestly... Continue Reading →

Is It Worth It To Pretend?

I feel like Thursday was the first day when it really felt like fall up here in the Twin Cities and it had me excited. I don't live up here for the warm summers. I crave dark and blustery winter... Continue Reading →

RadioBody – A Rhythmically Speaking Dance Production

I know next to nothing about Radiohead, dance, or jazz (sorry, dad). So why did I find myself at a show on Friday night that was pitched to me as, "a mash-up of Radiohead, jazz music, live dance, screen dance... Continue Reading →

All I Crave Is A Good Pub Feed

There were so many amazing shows last week but Sunday night's show was the one I was most excited about. I knew it was going to be a great show and had a feeling that the crowd was going to... Continue Reading →

Everything’s Gonna Be Fine. Right?

My nostalgia-seeking weekend continued on Saturday night at The Amsterdam Bar & Hall in Saint Paul. Sure, I would have loved to check out Cory Wong & The Wongnotes at First Avenue on Saturday but hearing that one of my... Continue Reading →

Left Somewhere God Would Never Find

Where have I been the past couple of days you may ask? Well, when a favorite band of yours announces back-to-back shows in your area where they will play through two of their full albums, you drop everything, throwback another... Continue Reading →

The Consequence Of Being

Catching a couple of local metal bands at the Attila show on Friday night was great but catching an entire line-up of amazing local metal bands on Saturday was amazing. A show of support for some of the best bands... Continue Reading →

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