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Watch Me, Take A Good Thing And Fuck It All Up In One Night

Machine Gun Kelly's new album 'Tickets To My Downfall' is the best album to come out in a decade. There. I said it and I'm not taking it back. Every song is a hit and every hit is straight to... Continue Reading →

It’s Funny How Things Can Change

There were no expectations as I walked into The Armory last night. Although I've heard the name Brockhampton before, I had never heard his music before (yes, that's now naive I was-- I thought Brockhampton was a single artist-- more... Continue Reading →

Anything You Imagine, You Possess

I am so close to hitting 300 shows this year that I can taste it. At this point it's all hands on deck. I have to hit 300. I just have to. Yes, I know that number is ridiculous and... Continue Reading →

I’ll Make My Stand Right Here With My Friends

My weekend was amazing-- a little out of the ordinary for me-- but amazing. From finally experiencing the very talented Minnesota Orchestra on Friday night to witnessing comedic genius with Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes on Saturday, it sure was... Continue Reading →

I Know I’m A Queen, But I Don’t Need No Crown

President Trump is stopping by Minneapolis today and you can feel the tension in the air. You can also feel the love in the air as Minneapolis residents and businesses band together to make sure that, when all eyes are... Continue Reading →

I’m Never Gonna Give This Back

You know when you've been talking about something and then get online to find ads for said thing or something similar? That's what happened to me this morning. As I walked out of the Pitbull infused playlist that my spin... Continue Reading →

Only As Alone As I Want To Be

I'm still recovering from Riot Fest. It was a long yet amazing weekend in Chicago surrounded by the best of friends while watching some of the best of bands. Everything about it was perfect so coming back home to my... Continue Reading →

We’re The Seven Deadly Sins

If you've ever been with me for an extended amount of time when playing music is an option, you've probably been left with a few questions. How am I able to go from the darkest of death metal to the... Continue Reading →

But Who’s Going To Save A Little Light For Me?

My favorite singer of all time was in town last night. Sure, I got to see Ben Nichols (singer of Lucero) on Saturday at a little benefit thing in Northeast Minneapolis which was beyond perfect but he was also playing... Continue Reading →

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