Girl at the Rock Shows



Maybe I’ll Be A Ten

I found myself at a Rex Orange County show in January of 2020. I was going into that show blind but knew that he was all the rage with the youth and just had to see what this man was... Continue Reading →

Within A Mile of Home

If I'm being 100% honest, my heart wasn't in it to win it as I sped through rush hour traffic to get to The Armory in downtown Minneapolis. A last-minute approval mixed with the fact that the main attraction for... Continue Reading →

I Watched A Change In You

I had planned my whole night out. I was going to go run some errands with the boyfriend, grab food and have a nice night in. That was all foiled when I got approved last minute for the sold-out Deftones... Continue Reading →

God, It’s Brutal Out Here

I don't know why I signed up to cover the show on Thursday night. Part of me really didn't think I would get approved for such a big and in-demand show and the other part of me may have been... Continue Reading →

Sometimes, All I Think About Is You

While many people were hitting the bars to celebrate Saint Patrick's day in the Twin Cities, thousands of musician fans flooded to The Armory for their own celebration. Although there was no green beer and only a handful of people... Continue Reading →

You Were The Perfect Storm

The flurries coming down as I walked from my car to The Armory were almost peaceful. Sure, it was cold, but it made getting into the Armory feel cozy and like a second home. I was surprised at the lack... Continue Reading →

If I Ever Leave This World Alive

There was a sense of anticipation in my car as I drove to The Armory on Saturday night. Not only was I going to see a favorite band of mine, I was also going to see one that I knew... Continue Reading →

Swaying To The Symphony Of Destruction

Although still recovering from the absolutely amazing trip I had to Punk Rock Bowling in Vegas, well, there's no sleep for the wicked... right? One of the heavier tours to hit the road this year made an appearance at The Armory... Continue Reading →

Watch Me, Take A Good Thing And Fuck It All Up In One Night

Machine Gun Kelly's new album 'Tickets To My Downfall' is the best album to come out in a decade. There. I said it and I'm not taking it back. Every song is a hit and every hit is straight to... Continue Reading →

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