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Young, Planetary- ‘Locations I Can’t Place’

I love looking at album covers and guessing at what I'm going to get. When I look at the cover of Young, Planetary's 'Locations I Can't Place' I get an almost disaster type vibe. I was expecting something highly emotional... Continue Reading →

Jay Allen and the Archcriminals- ‘Fun Is Fun, But You Gotta Be F*%kin’ Kidding Me’

It was just a couple of months ago that I was introduced to Jay Allen and the Archcriminals but they instantly became a constant in my daily playlist. Fun, a bit in your face yet light-hearted, I fell in love... Continue Reading →

Saucer Eyes- ‘2020’

Well, if the album title is any suggestion as to what this album from Saucer Eyes may be like, I'm expecting something full of emotion, confusion, and rawness. In all honesty, 2020 has been terrible. The loss of live music... Continue Reading →

Catholic Guilt- ‘This Is What Honesty Sounds Like’

I was in love with Catholic Guilt the second I heard their band name. I'm not Catholic-- let's put that out there right now-- but my mom grew up Catholic and, just from the stories she tells, I feel like... Continue Reading →

Harbor & Home- ‘Hold On To Love’

Just over a year ago, I had the honor of reviewing Harbor & Home's album 'Fighter'. Although it wasn't my typical cup of tea, I fell in love with the album and the band. It's hard to believe that it... Continue Reading →

GILT- ‘Ignore What’s Missing’

I have been lacking motivation lately when it comes to album reviews and I am so sorry. It's not that there has been a lack of music because my list has now grown to three pages along with a giant... Continue Reading →

Barely Civil- ‘I’ll Figure This Out’

I feel like Sunday mornings were just made for checking out new music. It's energizing to sit here with a cup of coffee and discover an album and/or band that instantly becomes my soundtrack for the day instead of reverting... Continue Reading →

Common Sage- ‘Might As Well Eat the Chicken, We Won’t Be Here in the Morning’

I don't know how this week is going for you, but for me it is dragging like no other week has dragged on before. Maybe it's because of an impending date that I'm super excited for this weekend or maybe... Continue Reading →

GOWNS – ‘The Hollows’

I honestly don't remember how GOWNS' 'The Hollows' ended up in my stack to review but, whatever the reason, I'm thankful for it. I haven't even listened to it yet but I know that I'm thankful. It's a Tuesday night... Continue Reading →

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