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Foster Dad – ‘ we are now​|​here’

We have almost made it to the weekend and if that doesn't deserve a little celebration, I don't know what does. How do you celebrate? I celebrate by checking out new music so let's do just that and take a... Continue Reading →

Desktop Alarm Clock – ‘Min/Max’

If I'm being quite honest, I'm fading fast. I should probably give in and head to bed but I've been on such a hot streak of amazing EPs tonight that I just can't stop. Let's see if Desktop Alarm Clock's... Continue Reading →

Reed Gaines – ‘From Across The Room’

I feel like everything I have checked out tonight has been amazing so why stop when the getting is good? Although it came out last year, Reed Gaines' EP 'From Across The Room' is new to me so let's check... Continue Reading →

My Son The Doctor – ‘Dad Time’

My night of EP reviewing continues on and I'm realizing just how many people are doing EPs lately. I know I've mentioned it before but I've never really been one for such short releases until I started writing reviews. I'll... Continue Reading →

PRETTY. – ‘honey, it was paradise’

I am dubbing tonight the night of EPs. I honestly just don't have the energy or attention span for a full album but, no need to fear, apparently quick EPs are the way of the future so I have plenty... Continue Reading →

Nato Coles and the Blue Diamond Band – ‘Flyover’

I finally have a real-life rock show coming up. Sure, I've been to some outdoor shows since the beginning of the pandemic but those weren't quite rock shows. This one is and it's being headlined by a favorite local group... Continue Reading →

Whiskey Pilot – ‘Thanks, You Bastard.’

It's hard to believe that tomorrow is already Monday. No, I'm not one of those Monday haters but I am one of those weekend lovers and the weather outside has me wanting this weekend to never end. Sadly, all good... Continue Reading →

Wiff – ‘Definitely in the Maybe Pile’

Happy Sunday everyone and happy Mother's Day to all of the human moms, cat moms, dog moms-- heck, happy Mother's Day to everyone too! As usual, I should be spending my day cleaning the house and prepping for the upcoming... Continue Reading →

Wouldn’t Say- ‘Nothing Wrong with Simple Songs’

Don't worry guys- I'm still alive. That second vaccine shot is no joke and after sleeping for what felt like days, I'm finally getting back to my normal self. I won't lie, I enjoyed having a few days without writing... Continue Reading →

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