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Urban Doctors – ‘Worst Ever’

The inside cover of Urban Doctors' 'Worst Ever' album says: "Dear Elon, Sorry you were not cool enough to be the first one to mars. You'll be as cool as us one day... Maybe. Love The Urban Doctors" Okay, guys,... Continue Reading →

Fake Figures – ‘We Are The Dead’

It has been so nice to be back at shows. Seriously, words can not describe how happy I am to have my life back but it's also nice to have nights at home to get caught up on some album... Continue Reading →

Tortuga Shades – ‘Revolving’

Well, guys, it's another week. It's only Tuesday, I'm already exhausted, and I just found out I will be covering a giant festival this Thursday- Saturday. Don't get me wrong, I'm excited for festival life to be back but finding... Continue Reading →

Night Battles – ‘Year of No Days’

I feel like every package I get from Snappy Little Numbers is pure gold. Seriously, every release they have sent me to review has been an instant favorite so let's see if Night Battles' 'Year of No Days' continues with... Continue Reading →

Johnny Mafia – ‘Sentimental’

I took a night off last night and it was glorious but back to the grind today. My constantly growing stack of music to review has reached the point where I had to buy a whole new shelf to keep... Continue Reading →

Jacob Bennett – ‘Downer’

I know that I complain about really short EP's because I feel like it always leaves me wanting so much more from an artist but there's also something nice about them. I can feel my music ADD going off the... Continue Reading →

Awesome Possum – ‘Ruby Red Alarm Clock Radio’

The cover of Awesome Possum's 'Ruby Red Alarm Clock Radio' was just what I wanted to see tonight. It's bright and cartoony and I have a feeling is just what I need to hear so let's jump into this quick... Continue Reading →

Between The Jars – ‘What’s To Come’

I don't have a witty intro for you right now. Sorry guys. It's a Monday and I'm feeling both tired and energized at the same time. I don't want to waste this unexpected sense of energy so let's just jump... Continue Reading →

Pretty Little Thieves – ‘Half’

My back hurts and my ears are still ringing from Saturday night. Yeah, shows are back and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit out of practice but I feel like checking out all of this new music... Continue Reading →

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