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Mama Rose- ‘drink More water’

Why even waste time with an intro at this point? Busy day, tired, ready for bed, wanting new music-- you know the story of my life already so let's just dig into Mama Rose's brand new EP 'drink More water'!... Continue Reading →

Among Kings and Queens – ‘Life To Start’

I blasted out Among Kings and Queens' song "Save You" on my social media accounts today. I shoot out a lot of music that I like in hopes that other people will like it too. I truly love and stand... Continue Reading →

State Drugs – ‘Live, Laugh, Love.’

It felt like spring outside today. I feel like that first smell of spring just always gives you a bump in energy and a bump in motivation. That's exactly what I'm feeling right now so let's not waste a minute... Continue Reading →

Neutral on Paul – ‘Paper Brats’

I should really be getting ready for bed but I feel like I have just enough energy to do one more review. I've been thinking about Neutral on Paul a lot since I heard a single from him the other... Continue Reading →

Loser Company- ‘Blueberry Skies’

I'm pushing myself to write more. I feel like, because of this, my intros are becoming shorter and even getting to the point of being non-existent. This post is one of those where my intro is relatively non-existent but these... Continue Reading →

The Cheap Cassettes- ‘See Her In Action!’

I need something to give me my second wind. I'm tired but have too much to do to be this tired already. Although the cover of The Cheap Cassettes' 'See Her In Action!' is fairly straightforward, there's something about it... Continue Reading →

Crystal Canyon- ‘Yours With Affection and Sorrow’

Like every other Monday lately, today has been a day and I honestly just need something to kind of chill out to and lose myself in tonight. I don't know if Crystal Canyon's 'Yours With Affection and Sorrow' will be... Continue Reading →

Jack Simons- ‘Dillydally’

I should have gotten a lot more done today than I actually did. Unfortunately, a little brunch with a girlfriend led to one too many bloody marys and I just have yet to figure out how to daydrink correctly. So,... Continue Reading →

A Better Hand- ‘Cheap Smokes and Champagne’

I feel out of touch. Maybe it's the lack of live concerts but I just feel like there are so many bands from the Twin Cities that I get emails about but have never heard of before. A Better Hand... Continue Reading →

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