Girl at the Rock Shows


Cloud Hop

Escape From My Reality

Some people like to travel to experience new things. Traveling is fun but, as a person who absolutely hates flying, it's almost most anxiety and stress inducing than enjoyable for me. This is why I use different concerts to experience... Continue Reading →

Keeper- ‘Guess I’m Keeper’

It's definitely a Monday. It's not even 8 PM and I'm already dragging. I need something to lift me up and get me in the mood to finish this day out strong. Will Keeper's EP 'Guess I'm Keeper' be the... Continue Reading →

Subcon- ‘Suburban Gutterpunk’

When I heard "Heartstring" by Subcon, I couldn't tell if I was in love or not. There was something familiar about the sound but something almost a little too "youthful" for me. I was intrigued nontheless so I was super... Continue Reading →

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