Girl at the Rock Shows



Bloodsuckers Ball

Friday night's show was super chill. Gregory Alan Isakov had me lost in a dream world with his calming music and it was truly beautiful but it definitely wasn't my normal kind of show. Saturday was definitely more my speed.... Continue Reading →

I Wanna Be With You And Waste My Time

I finally got to the bottom of why I've been feeling so crappy lately-- a double ear infection. Yup. You read that right. Most people would hunker down, take the meds, and let it pass but I'm not like most... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m A Different Breed

Blink 182 is coming to town with Tom DeLonge. That has nothing to do with the show I was at on Monday but the amount of excitement I feel about this is insane and I'm already plotting out the ticket-buying... Continue Reading →

Expect A Riot

Viking metal, pirate metal, Jew punk, Israeli rap, fast food metal-- I've gone down some super weird rabbit holes in my day and am always here for a kitschy show so I was stoked as I picked up a good... Continue Reading →

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