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Love Is Like A Rosary

Sunday night at The Icehouse was one of those unassuming kind of nights. I only say that because of the sheer legends that were both on stage and in the audience but how understated the show was when thinking about... Continue Reading →

As Long As We’re Moving, I Don’t Care If We’re Lost

My Wednesday night was split between two shows. It was a lot of music to take in in one night and even though the two shows were completely different, there was one major similarity-- passion. Regardless of if I was... Continue Reading →

Are You Livin’ Your Life?

The main room of First Avenue on Wednesday was buzzing. The excitement in the air was palpable and the outfits that entered the iconic venue were impressive. It made it feel like it was a Friday or Saturday night, not... Continue Reading →

We All Wanna Be Aligned

I unplugged this weekend. It was honestly a fluke. I had my computer with me when my boyfriend and I skipped town for the weekend but it never got touched. It was a strange feeling and it was the first... Continue Reading →

Hold On To Love

I have to be honest, I almost didn't write about my show on Thursday night. My relationship with the headliner band is a bit complicated but can most simply be put into the words- My boyfriend is the bassist. That... Continue Reading →

It’s So Inspiring, The Knives Sharpening

I am a creature of habit. I like my spaces that I know and I like to be surrounded by familiar faces. I got neither of those things at the show on Wednesday night but that added a sense of... Continue Reading →

I Will Buy You A New Life

I used to judge bands that would play casinos. Something about playing the casino circuit just screamed has-beens to me but, in recent years, more and more bands that I legit what to see perform have been playing them and... Continue Reading →

Why Don’t You

The question of "Who run the world?" was answered loud and clear at The Turf Club on Thursday night. Girls. We run this mutha... okay, that's as deep as my Beyonce references go but, really, Thursday night was a clear... Continue Reading →

All I Know Is What I’ve Seen

I knew nothing about the music that I was going to get from my Monday night show. Honestly, I was supposed to have the night off but am making it a point to catch as many local shows as I... Continue Reading →

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