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Everything Is Alright If Only For The Night

Wednesday night was supposed to be my night off. My night to get caught up on work, laundry, and terrible TV. I was looking forward to it but then I saw who was opening up the show at First Avenue... Continue Reading →

All The Heaven, All The Time

After my quick yet delightful time in the 7th Street Entry for the Lutalo and Claud show, it was time to move upstairs for the Kid Kapichi and Nothing But Thieves concert. I was excited as I passed through a... Continue Reading →

Taking Steps With A Caution Sign

What do you do when you can't decide between two shows to go to? Obviously you go to both. Okay, maybe that's just me but that's how I spent my Monday night. There were two shows conveniently happening in the... Continue Reading →

The Only Moment We Were Alone

I was feeling rather stressed as I made my way to First Avenue on Saturday night. I had a great day on Saturday. I got a lot done and spent some time doing nothing which is what I'm realizing I... Continue Reading →

A Pretty Little Sewerstar

Never judge a book but it's cover. That being said, always judge a show by the artwork or imagery. Okay, I don't really mean that but the only reason I ended up at the 7th Street Entry on Friday night... Continue Reading →

Nobody likes To But I Really Like To Cry

I honestly used to dislike Tegan & Sara. Their music made me sad and I know that's not a bad thing but, as a person who is constantly fighting off that next mental breakdown or that next bout of depression,... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Think I Will Ever Return Again My Friend

The feel of fall is in the air and that made Friday night a perfect night to spend outside at Surly Brewing's Festival Field. Out of all of the outdoor shows I go to, the shows at Surly have to... Continue Reading →

You Shouldn’t Be Anything Like Me

The corner surrounding First Avenue was absolutely buzzing on Thursday night. Not only was there the packed show at the mainroom that I was attending, but there was also the legendary Pretenders playing at the ultra-intimate 7th Street Entry venue... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know Whether I’m The Boxer Or The Bag

I am a 90s baby through and through but you probably wouldn't have known that on Thursday night as I watched Pearl Jam. Put on Third Eye Blind or Matchbox Twenty and I will be singing along to every word.... Continue Reading →

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