Girl at the Rock Shows



*Album Review* Kind Country- ‘Hard Times’

I'm supposed to be in Oshkosh, Wisconsin for the RockUSA festival but due to terrible weather and a less than organized festival, I find myself at home with an entire weekend with nothing to do. With the rain pounding against... Continue Reading →

*Album Review* Harbor & Home- ‘Fighter’

I saw Harbor & Home once but I honestly wasn't in the right mind frame to see a band like them. Their calm alternative country twang just wasn't what I needed on a Friday night so I honestly kind of... Continue Reading →

Singin’ At The Stars

The other blog I write for has a sign up sheet. It's this expansive list of upcoming shows that are free game for any of the writers or photographers. It's a great system because you see shows on that list... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have To Tell Me How It Feels Not To Be In Love

After a day spent outside at a block party complete with beer and pizza, I was ready for a chill night. I didn't have much energy left in me and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't excited to... Continue Reading →

Sweet Little Thing

When someone tells me to list my favorite bands of all time, it's rough. There are too many of them to be able to spout off my top five favorite bands but when push comes to shove, I have a... Continue Reading →

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