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I’m The American Nightmare, Yeah I’m Living The Dream

Can you believe it's already a new week? The weekend seemed to fly by but I had to get one last show on Sunday before the reality of another work week set in. There were a couple of options to... Continue Reading →

Where We Gonna Go Now That Our Twenties Are Over?

I needed last night. Hell, I always need a concert but I┬áreally needed last night. Yesterday was one of those days that came complete with a mental breakdown and no calming down in my forseeable future. I was in a... Continue Reading →

Can You Let Me Have My Heart For A Minute?

I was still recovering from the Yungblud show as I parked my car and walked through Dinkytown to get to The Varsity Theater. I was excited for my Thursday night show but Wednesday night was just so good that I... Continue Reading →

Walk Tall Like Warriors Head High, Head High, Head High

Last night was the first day of Chanukah and I was in the mood to celebrate. Naturally, my celebration came in form of a concert of musicians that I had never heard of before. I was clearly the only person... Continue Reading →

Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?

I caught of glimpse of the one and only Elvis Costello as he preformed at Riot Fest in Chicago a couple months ago. As much as I wanted to stand there and watch the legend, there were a million other... Continue Reading →

This Is A Trip

Last night was one of those feel good shows. It didn't matter what type of music you typically listen to, if you went alone or with friends, if you wanted to drink or not... if you were one of the... Continue Reading →

You Should Go and Quit Your Job And Make All Of Those Dreams Come True

There has been a lot of hype surrounding Hobo Johnson & The Lovemakers lately (or more specifically, just Hobo Johnson). I had never heard his music and honestly had no desire to until I saw him live. I've heard multiple... Continue Reading →

And I Can’t Stop Dreaming

Last night's show couldn't have come at a better time. I've been feeling tense lately. Maybe it's adding that early morning work out class to my already nightmarish daily schedule, maybe it's the full moon, or maybe it's the boredom... Continue Reading →

I Need Red Flags And Long Nights

After spending my Thursday night in a cloud of pure nostalgia, I figured why stop after just one night. She Wants Revenge is one of those bands that I obsessed over for a solid couple of months when I was... Continue Reading →

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