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Broken Soldiers – ‘No Longer Dreaming’

It's a bit of a dreary day up here in Minneapolis. It has me in a cozy mood and a mood that is making it hard to focus on work so let's dig into some of this music that has... Continue Reading →

peach tinted – ‘Cinematic Youth’

It has been non-stop emailing all morning. Seriously. I think I'm at over a thousand emails already and the day is still young but I could really use a "new music break". This one comes to you from peach tinted's 'Cinematic Youth'... Continue Reading →

Balcony Talk – ‘Calendar Daze’

I feel like I'm hungover after the Idles show last night even though I didn't drink. It's a weird feeling. It was such a great and powerful show that it left me feeling so motivated and energized while feeling mentally... Continue Reading →

The Genes – ‘2 Minute Guitar Ballads’

I need to find the motivation to get back to work after the quick nap I took. I know I need some new music to help jumpstart my brain right now but don't have time for a full album playthrough... Continue Reading →

Echo In – ‘The Bar’

It's day three of doing the music thing full-time and to say that I'm completely overwhelmed and realizing that even without a day job, thereĀ are just not enough hours in the day would be an understatement. I need a break... Continue Reading →

Norman Lake – ‘The Polaroid EP’

Well, it's my first day of being self-employed and truly living the dream. I'm honestly already overwhelmed and stressed to the max. I'm sure I'll get the hang of it and I knew it would take more than just a... Continue Reading →

Jumping Ship – ‘Good Grief’

I'm on a roll tonight and there's no stopping me so why waste any time? Let's jump right into Jumping Ship's new EP, 'Good Grief'! "Attic" kicks this EP off in a very simple yet striking way. An echoed guitar... Continue Reading →

Brianna Kocka – ‘Let It Stay’

Yeah, life is crazy and I know it's been a while since I've written an album review and I'm sorry but I'm back! I'm feeling motivated and full of energy as I edge closer to a giant life change (which... Continue Reading →

The Nautical Theme – ‘Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed’

There's something very simple and classic about the cover of The Nautical Theme's 'Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed'. The album has been sitting on my desk for some time now but the simplicity of the cover just hasn't spoken to... Continue Reading →

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