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Lee Miller Matsos – ‘Metamorphosis, Pt. 1’

Today wasn't a particularly rough day but it did feel draining. The realization that I leave in two days to go cover Riot Fest as both a writer and photographer is hitting me and I feel anxiety and nerves are... Continue Reading →

Soulcolour – ‘Hummingbird’

Does the name Soulcolour ring a bell? It should! I have not only reviewed one of their songs (read my review of "Forever and a Day" HERE!), but I also had a chance to interview the band a couple of... Continue Reading →

Vilamoura – ‘Buried Alive’

I had a couple of shows lined up for tonight but they were all outside and, honestly, it's just too dang hot out for me to survive. Maybe it's the PTSD from the So What?! Music Festival down in Texas... Continue Reading →

Zach Spound – ‘In This Body’

I just spilled an entire pitcher of ice tea in my kitchen. It was my bad. I wasn't paying attention and the top of the pitcher popped off as I was pouring my drink. Why am I telling you this?... Continue Reading →

Poor Frisco – ‘King of My Head’

It was love at first listen when I heard a single from Poor Frisco back in March of 2021. I ended up reviewing their EP 'Sky of Gold' and fell even deeper in love with the group so, when they... Continue Reading →

Darrian Gerard – ‘Basement Stadium’

I like the idea of a 'Basement Stadium'. Although I have never heard Darrian Gerard's music before, I have a feeling that the sound I am going to get from her brand new EP is going to both heart-on-your-sleeve and... Continue Reading →

The Peregrine Dives – ‘Crossroads & Ghosts’

I had high hopes for today. I really did. I was going to get caught up on things, even get ahead on a few of them. But then the dryer repair took longer and way more of my bank account... Continue Reading →

Monica LaPlante – ‘Quarantine – EP’

The title of Monica LaPlante's EP shows just how long it has been sitting on my desk. Yes, I know that the pandemic is not over but the days of feared quarantines seem to be gone *knock on wood* and... Continue Reading →

Wesley David – ‘Satori’

My brother is getting married this weekend. Jeez, that feels weird to say. I am truly so happy for him and his beautiful fiance and I know it will be a perfect day full of amazing food, friends, and family... Continue Reading →

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