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Native Daughters – ‘Ultimo Capo’

The cover art on Native Daughters' 'Ultimo Capo' is brilliant and gorgeous. It has a sense of whimsy while being dark and almost haunting. I have no clue who Native Daughters is but I am so stoked to check out... Continue Reading →

Full Deck – ‘You Know It’s Real’

I somehow survived a week full of shows. I'm honestly impressed with myself but am also super tired but I'm not going to let that exhaustion have me wasting a Saturday. I have tons of new music to check out... Continue Reading →

Urban Doctors – ‘Worst Ever’

The inside cover of Urban Doctors' 'Worst Ever' album says: "Dear Elon, Sorry you were not cool enough to be the first one to mars. You'll be as cool as us one day... Maybe. Love The Urban Doctors" Okay, guys,... Continue Reading →

Jacob Bennett – ‘Downer’

I know that I complain about really short EP's because I feel like it always leaves me wanting so much more from an artist but there's also something nice about them. I can feel my music ADD going off the... Continue Reading →

Awesome Possum – ‘Ruby Red Alarm Clock Radio’

The cover of Awesome Possum's 'Ruby Red Alarm Clock Radio' was just what I wanted to see tonight. It's bright and cartoony and I have a feeling is just what I need to hear so let's jump into this quick... Continue Reading →

Pretty Little Thieves – ‘Half’

My back hurts and my ears are still ringing from Saturday night. Yeah, shows are back and I couldn't be happier. Yeah, I'm feeling a bit out of practice but I feel like checking out all of this new music... Continue Reading →

The Beasts – ‘Primitive’

I'm about to give up getting caught up after unplugging for the weekend. Every time I feel like I'm starting to make progress, something else happens and I fall back behind again. Like my mom told me on the phone... Continue Reading →

The Welters- ‘The Welters EP’

I'm sorry guys, no witty intro for this one. Honestly, I've been in a bit of a hole lately and am just so desperate for a break from everything (which is coming with a long weekend ahead of me in... Continue Reading →

Gleaming Streets – ‘Gleaming Streets’

It's Tuesday and I'm already counting down the days until the weekend. I'm ready for a little vacation and some time away from my computer (no offense) but, before that happens, I need a new soundtrack to keep the energy... Continue Reading →

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