Girl at the Rock Shows



You’ve Got Your Whole Life To Lead

When I first started this blog, it was metal shows or bust. Okay, that's not quite true. I've always been a bit all over the place with the shows I go to but I definitely leaned more towards metal shows.... Continue Reading →

Cause It Get Cold Like Minnesota

I entered a whole new world on Thursday night when I walked into The Fillmore for the Lil Yachty show. Don't get me wrong, I've done rap shows before but something just felt a bit different about Thursday night. The... Continue Reading →

Don’t Let The Days Go By

Bush was never really my band-- I won't try and hide that. Sure, I knew their hits and obviously, I know who Gavin Rossdale is but that's about where my knowledge of Bush stops and ends. Even with that being... Continue Reading →

Sun Side Dance Step For Two

The winter slump has hit us up here in the Twin Cities. I'm not saying there aren't some amazing shows coming up, there are, but I'm seeing my calendar slow down. Maybe it's a blessing being that winter is always... Continue Reading →

Love Like Winter

I don't hate winter. I really don't. I actually kind of love it. The snow, the cold, the coziness. I'm all about it but walking from my car to The Fillmore on Wednesday night was a stark reminder of what... Continue Reading →

Maybe I’m A Different Breed

Blink 182 is coming to town with Tom DeLonge. That has nothing to do with the show I was at on Monday but the amount of excitement I feel about this is insane and I'm already plotting out the ticket-buying... Continue Reading →

I Know I Won’t Be Leaving Here With You

There were a million things happening throughout the Twin Cities on Saturday night. From almost all of the sports teams playing in town to a giant arena show in Saint Paul and virtually every other club filled with music, it... Continue Reading →

Breathe In For Luck

And so begins my birthday week. Honestly, I don't have much planned this year. I think I've just been so busy with work and life in general that I haven't been able to put much thought into it but, let... Continue Reading →

And Most Of All I Will Not Grow Up

I needed Tuesday night's show more than I think I knew I did. Shows save me. I've talked about this before. Music, in general, has been a saving grace for me since my angsty teenage years but I feel like... Continue Reading →

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