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I Need A New Body And I Need A New Soul

Fidlar is one of those bands that I will never a chance to see live. They're just so fun and electric and are one of those bands that can make you forget any troubles that may be plaguing you within... Continue Reading →


All I Do Is This

I love the snow. I truly do. What I don't love is the way it affects shows and attendance at said shows. I was bummed that out of all of the days Mother Nature could have dumped a couple inches... Continue Reading →

What’s Wrong With Second Best

Although still recovering from my uber late night spent with the Hellzapoppin Circus Sideshow Revue on Tuesday, shows stop for no one and there was no way in hell I was going to miss Pedro the Lion on Wednesday. After... Continue Reading →

Did You Do Your Best Today?

I'm starting to wonder how the average person survives. Having been five nights since my last concert, I now understand why some people get bored with life but I will never understand how they become okay with it. I was... Continue Reading →

Something To Remember Me By

Downtown Minneapolis was an absolute zoo last night. My typically calm walk from the parking ramp to the venue last night was interrupted by the buzz from Minneapolis celebrating Pride. The energy was electric as I walked past drunk people... Continue Reading →

Are You Caught Up In The Storm?

This past week has been full of amazing shows. I've seen a bit of everything from The Struts and their 80's revivalist vibe to Sum 41's nostalgic hits. It's truly been an exciting week and Sunday night was no different.... Continue Reading →

Memories In My Pockets And Coins On The Floor

I've been on a roll lately. The past nine nights have been spent all around the cities listening to all types of music. Although my exhaustion level is definitely hitting an all time high, it doesn't get old. Last night... Continue Reading →

Happy In Her Own Little World

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when walking into the Fine Line last night. I've been listening to Kate Nash (the headliner) for years and didn't quite have a feel as to if it was going to be a... Continue Reading →

Funky Friday

I probably should have stayed home last night to continue my recovery process. Apparently just a couple of nights in is not enough to completely scrub strep and the flu from your system when hit with them at the same... Continue Reading →

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