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It’s A Psychobilly Freakout!

What year is it? I honestly started to question that as soon as the show started on Wednesday night. From the sounds radiating off of the stage to the people who had gotten all dolled up for the occasion, it... Continue Reading →

Just Dying To Be Saved

"We're a band. We play songs and make sounds." That seems like such a generic statement but it was the first thing Converge vocalist Jacob Bannon said as he took the stage at The Fine Line on Wednesday night and... Continue Reading →

Just Don’t Wake Me Now

I jinxed it. When I posted my weekly calendar I made a snarky comment that the snowmaggedon headed towards the Twin Cities better not mess with my concert schedule for the week. It did and sadly I was left without... Continue Reading →

I Got The Feelin’ This Is Never Gonna End

Be careful who you have open your shows. I have made this warning before but, clearly, some bands didn't heed the said warning. Case in point- Monday night's show. I was excited for the headliner Death From Above 1979 (who... Continue Reading →

Eat And Drink And Enjoy Life

I met my boyfriend's kids yesterday. It was definitely more nerve-wracking for me than for anyone else in the situation, but it went flawlessly. What can I say, I'm good with kids. Even though it went well and the pumpkins... Continue Reading →

Click Click Saddle Up See You On The Moon Then

It was a busy Saturday of doing my maid of honor duty of creating centerpieces for my ride-or-die best friend. It was fun but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't relieved that I could pull my typical "So... Continue Reading →

It’s Not Enough That I’m Running On Empty

Back in March, I ended up at a show at The 7th Street Entry by accident. No, seriously. I thought I had read the band name "Green Death" on a flyer and was super stoked to see Green Death from... Continue Reading →

I Melt With You

I'm a 90s baby. Put on a Third Eye Blind song or give me some Dave Matthews Band and I will be swimming in a pool of nostalgia. I know that there has been a resurgence of appreciation for 80s... Continue Reading →

Just Wanna Be Good Enough For You

My weekend didn't quite go as planned and it had me feeling a bit down. I'm not going to go super into details about it but it just really set the tone for my Saturday and Sunday. Even though it... Continue Reading →

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