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I’m Repeating Myself Again

I'm the type of person who, if I see a band's name enough times, I can't help but check it out at a live show. That's how I ended up at the Titus Andronicus show last night. Would my time... Continue Reading →


Southern Belles in London Sing

I'm struggling to get back in the swing of things after spending a weekend in Des Moines, Iowa with high school friends and the almighty Slipknot at The Iowa State Fair. Needless to say, going back to my day job... Continue Reading →

And Wear Your Wounds With Pride

"Yeah, this is going to be top five for me." That's what I heard after taking a couple of photos and moving to the back so I could just stand back and watch the show. Honestly, that phrase says everything... Continue Reading →

I’d Trade My Kingdom For Someone To Ride With

It's been rainy, dreary and cold up here in Minneapolis. It's hard not to feel a wee bit down because of it. Seriously... day after day of grey skies after a hellish winter that seemed to never end, it's getting... Continue Reading →

I Woke Up With My Attitude

I was completely out of my element when I got in line for the show last night and honestly, I was beyond annoyed. The young crowd was turnt (at least that's what I think the kids are saying these days)... Continue Reading →

I Was Waiting For The Anger To Change

I leave for California in just a couple of hours which means I've been a ball of stress for days. I took a couple nights off from shows just so I could get ready for the trip but that was... Continue Reading →

Just Because You’re Going Forwards Doesn’t Mean I’m Going Backwards

Going to shows nearly every night definitely starts to get old but being able to see a true legend that I never thought I'd catch live is just what I need to get through a bender like the one I'm... Continue Reading →

Beauty In Falling Leaves

There is no singular word to describe last night's show. Maybe that's why I enjoyed it so much. With three bands on the bill, each band was drastically different than the other but they all shared one thing- a clear... Continue Reading →

I Told You I’d Be With The Guys

This February has been the longest year ever. Yeah, okay, I stole that from a meme I saw one of my friends post but it's seriously the truth. My normal twenty minute drive home from work last night was extended... Continue Reading →

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