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har mar superstar

I Am Your Silhouette

My dad and step-mom were in town on Wednesday night for a jazz show. Sure, I could have gone to see Insane Clown Posse or Gene Simmons but, family comes first, and I found myself at a dark and calm... Continue Reading →

Would I Love You?

Nobody likes Thursday's. Don't try and lie and say you do, you don't. Thursday's are nothing but a tease for Friday. It's like you are so close to the weekend, but wait, let's throw one more day in there that's... Continue Reading →

Threat Level Awesome

If you were to pass away, who would play your memorial show? Brand New Good Charlotte By The Thousands Slipknot Finch Stuck With Arthur Lucero That's my list. A little bit of happy, a little bit of sad, a little... Continue Reading →

Pizza, Beer, and Rock N Roll

I looked up in the sky before we left the Pizza Luce Block party. The backdrop was the beautiful skyscrapers of Minneapolis with a giant stage on the ground and thousands of people surrounding me. That's when it hit me.... Continue Reading →

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