Girl at the Rock Shows


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All I Eat Is Pizza

The local metal scene is amazing, I'm in love with all of the local hip-hop and rap music. Are you more into just good old fashioned rock n' roll? We have some amazing bands in that scene up here in... Continue Reading →

Mad Tiger!

Sure, doing this night after night is amazing but, like everything else, it can get old. I always try to search out what I think could be weird shows or shows with an injury count (because, let's be honest, it... Continue Reading →

Let’s Wear A Fanny Pack!

I tried to drink off this terrible sore throat on Friday when I was at the Thrice/ Circa Survive show with all of my friends. What?! That's not the craziest idea I've had! Alcohol kills infection! I though that, with... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Wanna Think About It I Just Wanna Get Down

"Who's from Minneapolis?" "Who's from Saint Paul?" "What's the difference?" Those words from Trash Talk singer, Lee Spielman, really stuck with me. It didn't matter what city you were from. It didn't matter what kind of music you usually listen... Continue Reading →

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