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We’re Stronger Together Than We Are Apart

I'm honestly not sure how it's Thanksgiving when my August birthday was just a couple of weeks ago and September's Riot Fest feels like yesterday but here we are. Regardless of your thoughts on the holiday, I hope you're spending... Continue Reading →

Escape From My Reality

Some people like to travel to experience new things. Traveling is fun but, as a person who absolutely hates flying, it's almost most anxiety and stress inducing than enjoyable for me. This is why I use different concerts to experience... Continue Reading →

Maybe You’re Not Thinking At All

I'm all about bipolar shows. There's just something about walking into a show and getting completely different moods and vibes from multiple bands on the same bill while trying to find the common thread between them. This was the challenge... Continue Reading →

Do You Have Any Last Words?

I had FOMO. I was sitting at work while watching people post pictures of Baroness doing an in-store performance at Down in the Valley in Golden Valley (a suburb of Minneapolis). I honestly could have asked to leave early to... Continue Reading →

We’re In The Mood For A Melody

Friday night was one of those nights that I will never forget. Two legends, one stage and night full of hits and wonderment. I mean, do I even need to write this review of Stevie Nicks and Billy Joel? Or... Continue Reading →

‘Cause Everybody Loves A Girl Who Does What She Wants

I'm not typically one for pop shows. I feel like they're typically unoriginal and full of smoke and mirrors. If you asked me to classify Gayle into one genre, it would definitely be pop yet I was absolutely thrilled to... Continue Reading →

Take All You Can Find In Me

It will never fail to surprise me how a single show can completely transport you to another time. That's exactly what happened on Sunday night at The Varsity Theater in Minneapolis. I was super excited for this show and knew... Continue Reading →

So Open Up Your Mouth And Scream It Out

I'm finally starting to come back to life after my weekend spent in Las Vegas for the When We Were Young festival. I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my body ached so badly when I got back. I honestly... Continue Reading →

I’m Killing My Borrowed Time

My bestie who was due with her first baby on Wednesday still has not popped but I couldn't go another day without a live show. I knew it was a risk and, knowing my luck, she was going to call... Continue Reading →

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