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You Were Right All Along

By the time I got into The Turf Club on Friday night, I was in a haze and beyond spent for the day. It's not that my day was bad or anything like that but I got a text earlier... Continue Reading →

Tomorrow Belongs To Nobody

To those that think all metal bands sound the same-- I wish you would have been at First Avenue on Wednesday night. It was a perfect showing of how metal comes in many different forms and moods and also a... Continue Reading →

I’ll Make You Sorry

Another night, another sold out show at The Turf Club in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I don't know what's going on in the scene right now but the amount of smaller sold out shows that I have been attending lately has... Continue Reading →

I’ve Got A Record Player That Was Made In 2014

Sunday night's show was one of those "I'm here for that one song" type shows for me. You know the kind. You hear one song that instantly gets stuck in your head. You wake up daily with a portion of... Continue Reading →

Won’t You Die Tonight For Love

"If I were able to get a tattoo when I was twelve, I would have absolutely gotten a heartagram!" That was a common conversation circulating through a sold-out Varsity Theater on Tuesday night as we all impatiently waited to relive... Continue Reading →

Hi. We’ve Never Met.

My Thursday night was spent at The Turf Club reveling in the magic that is the Twin Cities local music scene. It was one of those shows where everything just felt right. Everyone in the audience was clearly having a... Continue Reading →

Love Is Like A Rosary

Sunday night at The Icehouse was one of those unassuming kind of nights. I only say that because of the sheer legends that were both on stage and in the audience but how understated the show was when thinking about... Continue Reading →

Are You Livin’ Your Life?

The main room of First Avenue on Wednesday was buzzing. The excitement in the air was palpable and the outfits that entered the iconic venue were impressive. It made it feel like it was a Friday or Saturday night, not... Continue Reading →

I Will Buy You A New Life

I used to judge bands that would play casinos. Something about playing the casino circuit just screamed has-beens to me but, in recent years, more and more bands that I legit what to see perform have been playing them and... Continue Reading →

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