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mill city nights

I Worship Chaos

I walked into Mill City Nights last night and was greeted by that sticky floor that I have gotten to know so well. I stood there and looked around me. Last night was the last night I will ever see... Continue Reading →

There’s A Place Off Ocean Avenue

Yellowcard changed many people's lives. They mean everything to so many. People worship these guys the way I worship bands like Brand New and Good Charlotte. Being able to see those emotions in person instead of being the one showing... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know About You, But I’m Admitting Now That I Have A Problem

Last night was one of those shows where I was actually excited to go. It's not that I don't love every show I go to, because I do, but when you go to a show night after night after night,... Continue Reading →

It’s Funny How Artistic We Become When Our Hearts Are Broken

Have you ever seen raw emotions performed on a stage? I do every single night I go to a concert. When you watch someone perform on stage, you are typically watching them sing or play through some of the hardest... Continue Reading →

A Pirate’s Life For Me

I have been haunted by the accordion throughout my life. You see, my dad is the most famous accordion player in Iowa (I'm not quite sure that's an accomplishment to be proud of?). Every single first day of school, every... Continue Reading →

Living Like We’re Ready To Die

I really did try to go into last night with a good attitude. Of course, I already had an opinion on Trivium, the headlining act. I really didn't know much about Tremonti (the co-headliner) but I knew there was a... Continue Reading →

What Year Is It?!

I have no clue what year it was last night. The second the music started, I was transported into a past era where long hair ruled and Ozzy was king... or something like that. I had never heard of the... Continue Reading →

Pure F****** Folk Metal

My dad plays the accordion. No, I'm not joking (as much as I wish I was). Naturally, I had to find an instrument just as annoying so I took up the bagpipes when I was in high school (long story).... Continue Reading →

I Must Be Dreaming

I've seen The Maine many times before. Last time I went to their show, I wrote about how maybe a concert is just an excuse for the feeling of nostalgia. I was back on the hunt last night and got closer... Continue Reading →

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