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We Could Follow the Water

Stumble into a show tonight and fall in love with a band you've never heard of before. Go see them again the next time they come to town. You'll get this feeling of being a part of the band's growth and that is one of the best feelings on the planet.

More Than Flashing Lights and Sounds

I've always wanted to see Thrice live. I had a chance a couple of months ago. I even bought a ticket to go see them down in Kansas but a string of unfortunate events made it impossible for me to... Continue Reading →

Life’s Not Out To Get You

  "I Prevail is either jaw droppingly good or they are tracking. I can't tell but that just means they're doing their job... right?" That's what I posted online last night. I was frustrated. I wanted to believe that I... Continue Reading →

Try Honesty

  I'm going to Riot Fest in less than two weeks. This will be my first huge festival so I went to my brother for some advice since he has survived Lollapalooza in the past. He told me to pick... Continue Reading →

Did You Do Your Best Today?

I can't tell you why I like Sleigh Bells so much. They have a female singer, heavy "wub wub" influences and play with a drum track instead of a real drummer. It's everything I hate but I love it so much.... Continue Reading →

Please Don’t Lay Me Down

I was nervous walking into the venue. I didn't know anyone at the show and was a bit out of my comfort zone. I wasn't even that familiar with the music so it made me try to blend into the... Continue Reading →

We Admired To Fly Away

I don't get the hype around Periphery. I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Sure, they're fine, tolerable, my ears won't start bleeding if I hear one of their songs but I'm not about to go out there and start... Continue Reading →

Everybody Wants To Love You

I'm on Tinder. There, I said it and I'm not ashamed! For you old people reading this blog (hey mom and dad!) Tinder is an online dating/ friendship app. Basically, when you're on the app, you see pictures of people with... Continue Reading →

Sucking On a Switchblade

I'm notorious for going to multiple concerts in one night. Some people think I'm crazy for doing it but I think it's just smart! Why stand at a show that you really don't like when you can walk down the block... Continue Reading →

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