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An Interview With Patrick and Jerika Hayes of Girl Gordon

I have a very skewed view of Ohio. One of my best friends in college moved there after having her first baby. She was the first of my friends to have a kid and I definitely cried much like her... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Lenny Costa of Down Again

Lenny Costa of Down Again has reached out to me a couple of times with some music from this San Francisco based band. Every time I hear a song, I fall deeper and deeper in love with them. There's something... Continue Reading →

An Interview With Olivia Reid

Photo Credit: Josh Campbell I love music that keeps you on your toes. Music that makes you think of some comparisons but, when push comes to shove, you don't want to make those comparisons because you feel like it's just... Continue Reading →

Indications – “s/t”

I had to bow out of my show tonight due to still being sick. It broke my heart to have to do it because it was a show I was really looking forward to but I know that, although sharing... Continue Reading →

An Interview with Gooseberry

Photo credit: Savannah Shealy If you've been sleeping on Brooklyn-based Gooseberry, you have been doing it all wrong. This band's brand new EP 'Validate Me' just came out and it absolutely demands your attention. Don't believe me, check out any... Continue Reading →

Just Breathe

I used to hate shows where you had to sit in a seat. Now that I'm older and I can feel the toll that spending every night on my feet is starting to take on my body, I look forward... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Know Whether I’m The Boxer Or The Bag

I am a 90s baby through and through but you probably wouldn't have known that on Thursday night as I watched Pearl Jam. Put on Third Eye Blind or Matchbox Twenty and I will be singing along to every word.... Continue Reading →

I Got No Want For The Quiet Life

Everyone in the industry has that one story about that one time they saw that one act in a super intimate room before they were famous. I have a couple of those kinds of stories but my favorite is definitely... Continue Reading →

It’s A Psychobilly Freakout!

What year is it? I honestly started to question that as soon as the show started on Wednesday night. From the sounds radiating off of the stage to the people who had gotten all dolled up for the occasion, it... Continue Reading →

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