Girl at the Rock Shows



Metal on the Mississippi: Take Two!

Eights hours. Hundreds of friends. Nine bands. No less than ten Dramamine pills. Half a bottle of sunscreen. One too many drinks. Yeah, yesterday was absolutely amazing. Last year, my friend DJ (of Buried Above Ground) had this crazy idea... Continue Reading →

It’s Funny How Artistic We Become When Our Hearts Are Broken

Have you ever seen raw emotions performed on a stage? I do every single night I go to a concert. When you watch someone perform on stage, you are typically watching them sing or play through some of the hardest... Continue Reading →

I Know Where I’ve Been

I hadn't been to a show since Sunday. I was going through withdrawals. I didn't know much about the bands playing last night but I knew I needed a concert so I took my sunburnt self to the show and... Continue Reading →

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