Girl at the Rock Shows



Talking About My iGeneration

I've started hanging out with someone and he seems a bit fascinated by my show obsession. He seemed surprised by the way I could shrug off certain amazing artists just because I had seen them so many times. He asked... Continue Reading →

Old Enough To Know Better, Young Enough To Do It Anyway

Well guys, I survived California. I honestly had the time of my freaking life. I mean, come on, chilling on a beach surrounded by some of the best of friends while listening to some of the best music out there,... Continue Reading →

But We’re Thinkers, We Just Gotta Find A Way Around It

  I knew that, with the election, the world was changing around me and I had no control. Like majority of my generation, I felt lost. Sure, I could have gone to the bars with all of my friends and drank... Continue Reading →

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