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This Is Just A Tribute

Was going to a show last night my greatest idea? Absolutely not. While driving to Saint Paul, all I could hear was my mother's voice in my head, "You're never going to get to feeling better if you don't just... Continue Reading →


I Am A Wanderlust King!

If you do enough shows for long enough, the excitement starts to leave. Now, I'm not saying I'm sick of doing this because, with no end in sight, I clearly am not. I'm more just trying to say that after... Continue Reading →


My bucket list is vanishing quicker than I would have ever imagined and it has honestly left me floored. Last night was one of those shows that, while watching one of the few bands left on said bucket list, I... Continue Reading →

I Feel Right Again

The Minnesota winter phenomenon was in full swing last night at The Palace Theatre in Saint Paul. The threat of a massive winter storm with the potential to turn into a blizzard would have most people hunkering down at home... Continue Reading →

Forfeit Reality

Friday night was one of those nights where I had a difficult decision to make. I was intrigued by the fact that locals Hippo Campus and Now, Now were able to sell out the Palace Theatre in Saint Paul two... Continue Reading →

Don’t Leave Me Along With My Thoughts

Last night was my third sold out show in a row. It makes me so happy to see that so many people are getting out and enjoying live music but it can lead to some obnoxious nights. It's not that... Continue Reading →

May Your Winning Streak, May It Never End

If you're reading this that means you survived St. Patrick's Day 2018 and I applaud you. To say yesterday was a mess would be an understatement. My plan was to just stay in all day, get stuff done around the... Continue Reading →

God Save Our Young Blood

My photographer was having a rough day and mine hadn't been much better. It's been kind of a weird week after a giant snow storm that essentially shut down the Twin Cities-- except for the places where she and I... Continue Reading →

Fly As I Dare

There's a lot going on in the Twin Cities right now. With the Superbowl coming to Minneapolis in just two weeks and the possibility of the Vikings getting in said Superbowl, hysteria has hit the area. Add abnormally warm temperatures... Continue Reading →

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