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Let’s Put All These Words Away

The lines to get into The Palace Theatre on Friday night were longer than I've ever seen them. That made my heart so full. I have been a huge fan of South African born Gregory Alan Isakov for years and... Continue Reading →

In Hell, I’ll Be In Good Company

Monday was one of those days where everything just went right. I woke up on time, got a lot of work done, and even cleaned some of the house-- just one of those days where everything was coming up Girl... Continue Reading →

My Name is Mud

The contrast between people lined up to get into The Palace Theatre on Friday night was amazing. There was an older demographic, a young demographic, some metalheads, some punk kids, some jam-band loving hippies-- it was seriously all over the... Continue Reading →

I’m Glad I Didn’t Die Before I Met You

My life is about to change drastically yet again. As you may know, a few months ago I went down to super part-time at my old day job of slinging nuts and bolts. Well, Thursday is my final day with... Continue Reading →

I’m Having Trouble Breathing In

Shows are slowly but surely coming back to life up here in the Twin Cities and I could not be happier. I'll admit, my show choice for Saturday night was not my normal cup of tea but it was a... Continue Reading →

Everyone’s Looking For The Thrill Tonight

I've said it before and I will say it again-- one of my favorite things about going to shows night after night is seeing a band grow. I had the absolute honor of catching Yam Haus at the beautiful and... Continue Reading →

God Bless Catastrophe

The show must go on. I feel like that saying is more true now than ever. With the pandemic still raging, it has become almost normal for bands to drop off last minute due to cases in their crews but... Continue Reading →

I Guess This Is As Far As We Go

I cheated. I listened to Idles a bit before the show on Thursday night. Going into shows blind is one of my favorite things to do but something about the anticipation for the Idles show had me super curious so... Continue Reading →

Cultural Revolution Just Begun

There were a million things that I wanted to go to last night- Emo Night at The Fine Line, Motion City Soundtrack at The Basilica Block Party-- even with those tempting choices, it was an easy decision. Gogol Bordello was playing... Continue Reading →

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