Girl at the Rock Shows


Parkway Theater

We’re On A Mission From God

I wasn't going to write a post about the event on Thursday night but events like what took place on Thursday in venues like The Parkway Theater in South Minneapolis deserve more attention than they get so, although short, I... Continue Reading →

Crack Open A Bottle Of Red

I got thirteen texts asking me if I was at the Coheed & Cambria show happening at The Armory last night. I would have loved to be there. I mean, Coheed, Mastodon, Every Time I Die... I'll admit, the line-up... Continue Reading →

It’s Been A Fun Ride

Being able to check out a new venue is always fun. Being able to watch a truly jaw-dropping, awesome show at a new venue is a treat. I got to do both of those things last night and it was... Continue Reading →

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