Girl at the Rock Shows



Don’t Worry About Tomorrow If You’re Living Today

I was captivated by the stage as soon as I walked into The Turf Club on Tuesday night. There wasn't even anyone on it yet but it was beyond full of gear. Two full drum kits, multiple keyboards, amps-- everything... Continue Reading →

Those Summer Nights

Although I would never call myself a huge reggae fan or claim to know much about the scene, I will never turn down the chance to see a reggae concert live. There's just something about them that makes my heart... Continue Reading →

Average Joe- ‘Take It Or Leave It’

I have a million things to do today like usual I have the day off from my day job so I really have no excuse to not get my ever-growing to-do list done but I'm just not in the mood... Continue Reading →

We’re Gonna Ska, Ska, Ska, Ska All Over Town

The powerful storms that had been slamming the Twin Cities since rush hour (how convenient, right?) seemed to break as I walked out of my apartment and to my car. It was like a sign that I was meant to... Continue Reading →

Got The Feeling That You Wanna Burn Slow

Was I thrilled to go back into the miserable heat after spending all day Saturday outside in it? No. But I knew that Sunday night's show at The Cabooze Outdoor Plaza was a show that I just couldn't miss. It's... Continue Reading →

Keep My Feet On The Ground And My Head In The Clouds

I hadn't been in The Cabooze in nearly four months. I know it sounds cheesy but I kind of felt like I was a missing my best friend. Sure, Cabooze isn't my favorite venue in town but I love the... Continue Reading →

Like A King Without His Crown

After a giant arena show complete with music I never listen to, I was more than ready to get back to my roots and see an artist I grew up listening to at a club I call home. After walking... Continue Reading →

I Know Just Who I Am

I love concerts of any kind. Whether it's a indie show, a punk show, metal show... whatever type of concert I stumble into, I instantly fall in love with the feeling of just being at a concert. The atmosphere at... Continue Reading →

Don’t Worry About A Thing

This summer has turned me into a huge reggae fan. First it was the Slightly Stoopid show that I wrote about in the post┬áMy Sweet Summer is Gone. Last night was the Damian and Stephen Marley show that turned┬ámy "like"... Continue Reading →

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