Girl at the Rock Shows


rozwell kid

Make Evil Afraid Of Evil’s Shadow

My eyes swelled up with tears when I read the news that The Triple Rock will be closing on November 22nd. I was in shock and didn't want to believe it. I wanted to go to sleep, wake up and... Continue Reading →

Eatin’ Tacos And Watching UHF On DVD

I have yet to unpack from my trip to Des Moines over the weekend for 80/35. There are dirty clothes all over the floor of my room and I'm pretty sure my cats have decided that that's their new litter... Continue Reading →

Let’s Take The Moon & Make It Shine For Everyone

There are not many bands left on my "need to see live" bucket list. After last night, that list is down one more band. Matt Pryor is a legend. The Get Up Kids are fundamental in the emo world. They... Continue Reading →

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