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Carry Me Away Into A Long Forgotten Dream

I was frantic as I left the house on Sunday night. I had checked the timing a million times during the day yet somehow read it wrong every time. I had it in my head that the doors were at... Continue Reading →

Rat Trap

"You really go to all kinds of shows, don't you?" That's what Tim from Space Monkey Mafia said to me when I ran into him at The Turf Club on Friday night and, honestly, truer words have never been spoken.... Continue Reading →

Scars Are Flames And Features

Another night, another show. People always ask me how I do it or if I get tired from doing this night after night. I'll admit, after a binge of late shows like I've had this week, sure, I'm tied-- exhausted... Continue Reading →

Don’t Stop, Get It, Get It

There was a lot of confusion at the doors of The Turf Club on Sunday night. People were coming up, ready to show their IDs and pay for their tickets only to be turned away since the show was sold... Continue Reading →

You Wonder Why I’m Always Screaming

Keith Morris is a beast. From The Circle Jerks to Black Flag to OFF!, Keith has done so much for the punk scene and is one of those people that I truly admire for not only the music he makes... Continue Reading →

Is That A Noose Dressed Like A Necklace?

This week has been one of those nostalgia-perfect kind of weeks. With Finch on Wednesday and Blink 182 on Thursday, honestly, my week was already made but I had one more show to go to on Saturday and, although not... Continue Reading →

You Were Right All Along

By the time I got into The Turf Club on Friday night, I was in a haze and beyond spent for the day. It's not that my day was bad or anything like that but I got a text earlier... Continue Reading →

I’ll Make You Sorry

Another night, another sold out show at The Turf Club in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I don't know what's going on in the scene right now but the amount of smaller sold out shows that I have been attending lately has... Continue Reading →

Step Outside, Find My Voice and Sing

There were a handful of shows that I wanted to check out on Monday night. Both Wiz Khalifa at The Armory and Covet at Amsterdam were probably awesome shows but I was intrigued by the name of the headliner at... Continue Reading →

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