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saint paul

Average Every Day, Sane, Psycho

It has been five days spent at five different venues at five vastly different shows. My week closed out at the gorgeous Palace Theatre in Saint Paul with Liz Phair. I'll be honest, I was still riding high off of... Continue Reading →

Maybe You’re Not Thinking At All

I'm all about bipolar shows. There's just something about walking into a show and getting completely different moods and vibes from multiple bands on the same bill while trying to find the common thread between them. This was the challenge... Continue Reading →

‘Cause Everybody Loves A Girl Who Does What She Wants

I'm not typically one for pop shows. I feel like they're typically unoriginal and full of smoke and mirrors. If you asked me to classify Gayle into one genre, it would definitely be pop yet I was absolutely thrilled to... Continue Reading →

So Open Up Your Mouth And Scream It Out

I'm finally starting to come back to life after my weekend spent in Las Vegas for the When We Were Young festival. I'm not a spring chicken anymore and my body ached so badly when I got back. I honestly... Continue Reading →

The Clandestine Gate

For those who think metal music is only shouting matched with loud and aggressive instrumentation, I challenge you and wish that you had been at The Turf Club on Tuesday night. I'll be honest, I prefer the more shouted vocals... Continue Reading →

Is It Worth It To Pretend?

I feel like Thursday was the first day when it really felt like fall up here in the Twin Cities and it had me excited. I don't live up here for the warm summers. I crave dark and blustery winter... Continue Reading →

I Swear It’s Heaven

How many times is too many times to see a particular band or musicians? I have posed this question before not just for you, but also for me. I have some acts that I refuse to miss when they come... Continue Reading →

Rainbow Cans of Caffeine

I've been seen some absolutely amazing shows lately but they have all been mostly touring acts. That's not a bad problem to have but my roots are in the local scene and, every once in awhile, I crave a purely... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Think I Will Ever Return Again My Friend

The feel of fall is in the air and that made Friday night a perfect night to spend outside at Surly Brewing's Festival Field. Out of all of the outdoor shows I go to, the shows at Surly have to... Continue Reading →

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