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seventh street entry

Might As Well Try

I found myself at yet another random show last night that I knew nothing about. I had no clue who the headliner was or who was opening. I mean, I knew the names of the bands but that's it. Many... Continue Reading →

To Keep & To Be Kept

The singer of one of the opening bands, Star Magnet, joked around saying that he saw Jack and he had to have been at least eight feet tall. Everyone in the audience chuckled and shrugged it off but it all... Continue Reading →

This Is Where I Wanna Be

I had no expectations for last night. I had never heard of White Reaper or Together Pangea. I didn't even know if there was going to be a local opener or just the two touring bands. I had no clue... Continue Reading →

Out Here In My Head

I don't know what was more depressing last night. The fact that it was getting dark by 7:45 or the turnout for the show. I know that Radkey isn't a household name but they should be and will be soon.... Continue Reading →

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