Girl at the Rock Shows



So Much For The Afterglow

How do you celebrate thirty years of being a band? Well, if you're Everclear, you do what you have been doing for all of those years-- you hit the road and wow audiences with your timeless music and endless energy.... Continue Reading →

I Just Wanna Feel This Moment

I don't think my coworkers were taking my excitement level seriously. I get it, I come off as this hardcore/ metal listening to punk but everyone has their guilty pleasures and mine was performing just about forty minutes away from... Continue Reading →

Warped Tour 2017

The day ended with me puking out the door of my friend's car and falling asleep by 7:30PM on the floor of my living room right under the air conditioner. How did I get to that point? Two words-- Warped... Continue Reading →

The Best Day of the Summer

I hurt today. There's not enough aloe in the world to make this sunburn tolerable.┬áMy throat is scratchy. I am still coughing up dirt. My legs feel like they will give out at any minute. I hurt today but it... Continue Reading →

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