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Single Mothers

Wave Pool – “Or Both”

The time signatures in Wave Pool's "Or Both" are insane. If you pay close attention, you catch that they alternate between 9/4 and 11/4 time signatures. Okay, that's the geek in me but even if you aren't a music junkie,... Continue Reading →

Sorry You’re Not A Winner

After spending a couple of hours outside for the St. Paul Winter Carnival (which just proves that Minnesotans are bat shit crazy since they stood outside in subzero temperatures for a parade and other outdoor events), I was more than... Continue Reading →

I’m Homesick And Living In The Past

Most shows have at least one band that doesn't quite get me going. It's not that there's always a bad band on a show, more just one doesn't shine as bright as the others. That was definitely not the case... Continue Reading →

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