Girl at the Rock Shows


Sum 41

Don’t Count On Me To Let You Know When

I was a little nervous as I made my way out to The Myth in Maplewood on Tuesday night. It was my first time at the venue post-pandemic and I was about to photograph some of the bands that truly... Continue Reading →

Instead Of Going Under

Two tours converge on Minneapolis last night and combined to make one of the best, if not┬áthe┬ábest line-ups of the year. You had the heavy hitting tour of Sum 41, The Amity Affliction and The Plot in You and then... Continue Reading →

The Doctor Said My Mom Should Have Had An Abortion

Some shows can't be put into words. Sometimes the band and the album they are celebrating an anniversary of just means too much to you to put into words. That's when a concert turns into more than a show-- it... Continue Reading →

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