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Surly Brewing

Wonderboy, What Is The Secret Of Your Power?

I was absolutely in a haze as I made my way to Surly Festival Field on Monday evening. I had just gotten back from Riot Fest in Chicago with just enough time to shower and take a quick nap but... Continue Reading →

I Will Whisper The Last Words You’ll Hear

I'm still trying to recover from my Sunday night show and it's been hard with my phone constantly going off with new notifications of people trying to convince me that I was wrong with what I wrote. The truth is,... Continue Reading →

And Never Fall Apart Again

It was unseasonably cold on Saturday night but it was kind of nice. Call me crazy but I love fall and winter up here in the Twin Cities and getting a look into what was to come as I stood... Continue Reading →

Dancing Around To The Simple Rock & Roll Song

The rain during the day had me feeling pessimistic about Saturday night's show. Although I was beyond excited to cross a true legend off of my bucket list, I was not excited to stand outside in the rain. The concert... Continue Reading →

From Time To Time We All Get A Bit Restless

Winter is quickly approaching here in Minneapolis. Yes, I know that sounds dramatic but, if you live up here, you know it's true. Because of this, I will find any concert to cover that's outside. I don't care what it... Continue Reading →

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