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Sarah and The Safe Word- ‘Red Hot & Holy’

I had the absolute honor of checking out 'Good Gracious! Bad People.' by Sarah and The Safe Word last October. It was instant love. From the sense of theatre to the fact that the album could seriously be for anyone,... Continue Reading →

The Sonder Bombs- ‘Modern Female Rockstar’

I took today off of work to get some stuff done around the house. All I got done was napping in different rooms of said house and going through some emails. It has me feeling a little discouraged but I... Continue Reading →

City Mouth- ‘Coping Machine’

Well, we made it to 2021. What a weird feeling. I'm trying to be hopelessly optimistic about what this new year will bring but we are a few days in and nothing has changed including my motivation to get anything... Continue Reading →

snarls- ‘Burst’

I took a half-day today from my day job so I could come home and get caught up on some other work stuff and things around the house. I have been home for four hours and so far have taken... Continue Reading →

ManDancing- ‘The Good Sweat’

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving given the current situation we all find ourselves in. I'll be honest, Thanksgiving was never a holiday I chased home for so mine didn't look much different than any other year but my... Continue Reading →

Sarah And The Safe Word- ‘Good Gracious! Bad People.’

This week has been weird. I just haven't felt quite right. Maybe it's the fact that the weather went from my favorite fall feeling right back into summer in the blink of an eye or maybe it's the anticipation of... Continue Reading →

Barely Civil- ‘I’ll Figure This Out’

I feel like Sunday mornings were just made for checking out new music. It's energizing to sit here with a cup of coffee and discover an album and/or band that instantly becomes my soundtrack for the day instead of reverting... Continue Reading →

Riverby- ‘Smart Mouth’

Don't worry guys, I'm still here. Things got a little nutty up here in Minneapolis and album reviews just didn't seem important with everything else going on in the world. I'm not going to say things are better in the... Continue Reading →

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