Girl at the Rock Shows


The Devil Makes Three

We’re The Seven Deadly Sins

If you've ever been with me for an extended amount of time when playing music is an option, you've probably been left with a few questions. How am I able to go from the darkest of death metal to the... Continue Reading →

The Road Don’t Go Forever, So Ride It While It Lasts

I never thought I would be the type to be into bluegrass and folk music but, alas, here we are. My metalhead self just can't resist a good bluegrassy folk show and that's how I ended up at First Avenue... Continue Reading →

If You’re Gonna Do Wrong Buddy, Do Wrong Right

I went to last night's show because I was intrigued. With shows being a bit slower than usual, I've found myself going to anything that I think may be interesting and, with a band name like The Devil Makes Three--... Continue Reading →

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