Girl at the Rock Shows



Fake It ‘Til You Make It

I honestly lost count of how many times The Dollyrots' show had been postponed and rescheduled due to the pandemic but none of that matters. The show finally happened on Friday night and it was absolutely everything I had been... Continue Reading →

We Are So Happy Forever!!

The first time I saw Peelander-Z I laughed so hard that my cheeks hurt for days after. The second time I saw them I damn near pissed myself due to laughing so much. Each time they come to town I... Continue Reading →

Dead and Gone

Another night with another snowstorm looming in our future, the people at last night's show were clearly trying to get one more party in before we all hunker down for what's sounding like nearly a foot of snow. Add the... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Know What’s There If You Don’t Try

Face To Face wasn't even really on my bucket list. Honestly, I thought I had missed my chance to see them live and I had come to terms with that. Sure, I was bummed out that I would never see... Continue Reading →

This Train Is A Hell Bound Ride So Hold Your Pillow Tight

The psychobilly scene is a scene that I've always wanted to get into. What is psychobilly you might ask? Well, it's a mix of a little bit of everything. It's elements of country, folk, Americana wrapped up and sealed with... Continue Reading →

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